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 Feb 23, 2020
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First things first, why are Jersey bagels better than any other bagels?
Because of salt from India
Because of sugar from the Caribbean
Because of water sourced from the Catskill Mountains

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What do you call people who live in New Jersey, but go down South for the winter?
Winter weenies

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If you order a "large pie" for you and your friends, it's actually a(n):
Apple pie

Question: 4/30True or False?

New Jersey natives often drop the "New" and just refer to it as "Jersey."
True, it's just Jersey to us natives!
False. You have to have the New in there.

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Idaho has the best potatoes, Iowa has the best corn, and Jersey has the best:

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Expect to run into these kind of roads in New Jersey... they're everywhere!
Toll roads
Unpaved roads
Dirt roads

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You know what "jughandles" are, but you probably just call them:

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If someone says "Wawa," they're most likely talking about:
A favorite convenience store

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Where in Jersey can you go to have a "wild" time?
Wild Park
Fort Wild

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What's another term you use for red sauce or pizza sauce?

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The New Jersey way to explain where in Jersey you live is by using your:
Parkway exit
Freeway exit
Area code

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Being a New Jersey local, you're probably rooting for which hockey team?
The Penguins
The Devils
The Rangers

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If you see a tourist down by the Shore, you might refer to them as:
A Tabitha
A Benny
A Filbert

Question: 14/30Choose your answer!

East Coasters are typically loyal to which coffee shop that started in the East?
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Dunkin' Donuts
Caribou Coffee

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What are "disco fries" topped with?
Powdered sugar and syrup
Cheese and gravy
Onions and relish

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If you don't know who The Boss is, are you really from Jersey?
Um, clearly it's Bono
Duh, it's obviously Billy Joel
Of course I do! It's Bruce Springsteen!

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What type of person would you call a "piney"?
Someone from South New Jersey
Someone who went to Princeton
Someone who’s just visiting New Jersey

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What is "Scrapple"?
A word game with a Jersey twist
A dish of pork scraps combined with cornmeal
A fried egg dish

Question: 19/30Choose your answer!

What city are you referring to when you just say "the city"?
New York

Question: 20/30Choose your answer!

If you're heading to the beach, you'd say you're going to __________.
The shore
The coast
The boards

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Friendly's. What's that?
A second-hand clothing store
A coffee shop that specializes in espresso and smiles
A restaurant chain with great ice cream

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And what do you need for access to the beach?
A beach badge
A beach ribbon
A beach card

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What do you need an EZ-Pass for?
The Toll Roads
The Subway

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Who would you ask to "fill it regular, please" ?
The worker at Dunkin' Donuts
The gas station attendant
The cashier at a fast food restaurant

Question: 25/30Choose your answer!

No "jimmies" don't just refer to a guy with that name, they're also:
Chopped walnuts
Cherry toppings
Chocolate sprinkles

Question: 26/30Choose your answer!

If Las Vegas is a too much of a trek, you can hit nearby casinos at which city?
Atlantic City

Question: 27/30True of False?

People from New Jersey don't have to worry about finding good food at 2am thanks to 24/7 diners.
True, diners are everywhere around here.
False, there are only a few diners, usually around the tollways.

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What do you call one of those cold meat sandwiches?
A grinder!
A hoagie!
A slammer!

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Any New Jersey native will tell you this is the best type of breakfast sandwich hands down:
Egg sandwich with pickle
Smokin' Hot Taylor Ham
Lox bagel with mustard

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Let others say what they want. You know that the _____ State is the place to be!
Tar Heel
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