Arizona Lingo... Yeah That's A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?

Think you know the local language?

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 Apr 14, 2020
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Question: 1/19Choose Your Answer!

What do Arizonans tend to keep in their cars in the summer?
Extra socks
Oven mitts

Question: 2/19Choose Your Answer!

Around here, you're either rooting for ____ or _____, but never both.
University of Arizona; Arizona State University
Grand Canyon University; University of Arizona
Arizona Western College; Arizona State University

Question: 3/19True or False?

Locals love saying: "Oh, but it's a dry heat!"
False, it really doesn’t make the heat *that* much better
True, it’s really not that hot!

Question: 4/19Choose Your Answer!

Out-of-towners will tell you to take Interstate 10, but a local will say:
The Interstate
The Ten

Question: 5/19Choose Your Answer!

When you live this close to the Grand Canyon, you can jokingly call it:
The Huge Gap
The Big Ditch
The Grand Crack

Question: 6/19Choose Your Answer!

Seriously, 90 degrees DOES count as a ________! Welcome to Arizona.
Typical fall morning
Cold winter day
Cool summer night

Question: 7/19Choose Your Answer!

It might be "giant killer dust storm" to visitors, but locals just know it by the less intimidating name... ________.

Question: 8/19Choose Your Answer!

If you're visiting during the winter, then you're automatically considered which of these?
A toucan
A pigeon
A snowbird

Question: 9/19Choose Your Answer!

Wait, what do you mean it snows in some parts of Arizona?
No way, it's always hot and sunny here!
People have a tough time believing it, but some parts get snow!

Question: 10/19Choose Your Answer!

Checking your shoe for a ______ and actually finding one is pretty terrifying, but good thing you checked!
Bumble bee

Question: 11/19Choose Your Answer!

Everyone's gotta try _______ on the pavement at least once!
Cooking a sausage
Frying an egg
Making waffles

Question: 12/19Choose Your Answer!

What is the name of Arizona's iconic hotdog?
Big Red

Question: 13/19Choose Your Answer!

How can you tell if a cactus is a Saguaro cactus?
By its height
By its arms
By its shape and color

Question: 14/19Choose Your Answer!

It's always humorous to visit another state and try their attempts at ______ food.

Question: 15/19Choose Your Answer!

Oh no, you saw Diamondback snakes?! Where?
Ha, no just the basketball team!
Ha, no just the baseball team!
Ha, no just the football team!

Question: 16/19Choose Your Answer!

It might just be a legend, but you should still probably be on the lookout for the:
Lochness Monster
Gila monster

Question: 17/19Choose Your Answer!

Yes, ok it's true. ________ has a reputation of being pretty bougie.

Question: 18/19Choose Your Answer!

Wait, you guys don't do Daylight Savings?
Yeah, we’re ahead of the curve!
No, we have to do it just like everyone else!

Question: 19/19Choose Your Answer!

Leave the _______ State? You're crazy! I love Arizona way too much to leave.
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QUIZ BLISS | Quiz Facts

Well, hey there! If you're here on this quiz, odds are that you must have some type of connection to the great state of Arizona, because newsflash: this quiz is ALL about Arizona lingo, slang, trivia and more. Not from Arizona? Well, hopefully you're a frequent Arizona tourist or visitor because otherwise you are most definitely in the wrong place. This 18 question quiz is the perfect platform for you to flaunt all of your Copper State knowledge, assuming that you have any.

As you know, Arizona is all heat, all the time. Except for those parts that get snow. But that's a whole other story. Do you keep oven mitts in your car for those hot, hot, hot summer days? Have you baked cookies on your dashboard? Or maybe fried an egg on the sidewalk pavement? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you're shaping up to sound like a bona fide local. Some might say, oh don't worry, it's just a dry heat here, but does that really make those summer days any better? When the thermometer is hitting triple digits, and then some, dry or humid heat doesn't make too much of a difference. Not to mention you have to be on the lookout for haboobs, scorpions, cactus, tumbleweeds and so much more. But you're still pretty lucky to be so close to the Grand Canyon (or the Big Ditch as some of you locals cheekily call it). If you're outdoorsy, into hiking, and okay with some soaring temps, then it's no wonder that Arizona is the place for you.

If all of this sounded pretty familiar to you, then you're probably ready to take this Arizona quiz and ace it. Good luck!