Can You Ace This Ultimate 25 Question Florida Lingo Quiz? Bet Not!

Do the words skeeters, gators, and pub-subs mean anything to you?

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 Jul 11, 2020
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Question: 1/25Choose your answer!

Which of these pies is iconic to Florida?
Pumpkin Pie
Key Lime Pie
Apple Pie

Question: 2/25Choose your answer!

When it comes to football, you're definitely following which team?
The Predators
The Dolphins
The Heat

Question: 3/25Choose your answer!

If you have to pick up some groceries or a sandwich or both, you're definitely headed to:

Question: 4/25Choose your answer!

The largest lake in Florida is ___________.
Lake Harris
Lake Weir
Lake Okeechobee

Question: 5/25Choose your answer!

You'd best use sunscreen during the day, and __________ at night.
Mosquito repellant

Question: 6/25Choose your answer!

It's not just the heat that makes the weather so sweltering, it's also the:

Question: 7/25Choose your answer!

If you live in Florida, odds are you have these in your yard:
Palm trees

Question: 8/25Choose your answer!

Meanwhile, Florida is known for which intimidating animal?

Question: 9/25Choose your answer!

As a local, you've tried this type of delicious coffee at least once:
British extra strength
German press
Cuban coffee

Question: 10/25Choose your answer!

Cape Canaveral is America's what?
Home of the United States’ largest music festival
Launch pad for space flights
Top tech gadget producer

Question: 11/25Choose your answer!

Which city is Disney World located in?
Fort Lauderdale

Question: 12/25Choose your answer!

When a Floridian says, "It'll pass," what are they referring to?
Unpredictable rain showers and/or dark clouds
The Heat
A hurricane

Question: 13/25Choose your answer!

What articles of clothing are staples in Florida?
Boots and puffy jackets
Shorts and flip flops
Long sleeves and leggings

Question: 14/25Choose your answer!

Which bugs will make you wish it was just a cockroach?
Palmetto bugs… Ugh.
Centipedes… Ugh.
Black widows… Ugh.

Question: 15/25Choose your answer!

Which popular sports drink was developed in Florida?

Question: 16/25Choose your answer!

What does "up north" mean to a Floridian?
New England, Canada, that area.
The North Pole
Literally everything north of Florida. Even the other Southern states.

Question: 17/25Choose your answer!

Better watch out, June through December is what season?
Monsoon Season
Tornado Season
Hurricane Season

Question: 18/25Choose your answer!

You're used to which animal noises disturbing your sleep at night?

Question: 19/25Choose your answer!

Floridians know all too well that a car wash isn't worth it during which "season"?
Butterfly Season!!
Lovebug Season!!
Lightning Bug Season!!

Question: 20/25Choose your answer!

You've definitely gotten frustrated by which "bird" that makes Florida unnecessarily crowded?

Question: 21/25Choose your answer!

How do you address a big group of people?
Youse guys
Howdy you guys

Question: 22/25Choose your answer!

Which two universities have a huge rivalry in Florida?
University of Central Florida and Florida State University
University of Miami and University of Florida
Florida State University and University of Florida

Question: 23/25Choose your answer!

Don't y'all worry, in Florida, your tea will always be:

Question: 24/25Choose your answer!

What don't you have to do on your Florida State Driver's Test?
Parallel park

Question: 25/25Choose your answer!

As a local, you couldn't be more proud to live in the ______!
Sunshine State
Golden State
Orange State
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