ONLY Locals Can Score 15/17 on This Massachusetts Lingo Quiz. Can You?

This is going to be wicked hard if you’re not a local!

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 Jan 24, 2020
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Question: 1/17Choose Your Answer!

What do you call those circles you drive around?
Traffic circles

Question: 2/17Choose Your Answer!

Seriously, ONLY locals can get this right. How do you pronounce Worcester?

Question: 3/17Choose Your Answer!

“Shape up now, I don’t want to have go calling the _____ on you!”
State Cops

Question: 4/17Choose Your Answer!

Only in Massachusetts can you make an entire field trip centered around a:
Hotel. The Greenbrier Hotel!
Boat. The Queen Elizabeth!
Rock. Plymouth Rock!

Question: 5/17Choose Your Answer!

What on Earth is a “quahog”?
A stuffed clam. And that’s pronounced ko-hog
A savory pastry. And that’s pronounced ko-hog
A sausage roll. And that’s pronounced ko-hog

Question: 6/17Choose Your Answer!

Don’t forget your hat. It’s _____ cold out.

Question: 7/17Choose Your Answer!

Tourists sometimes snap up containers of ______, since it’s iconic to the area after all.
Strawberry jelly
Peanut butter
Marshmallow fluff

Question: 8/17Choose Your Answer!

If someone want s a “tonic” that means they want a:
Sparkling water
Soft drink

Question: 9/17Choose Your Answer!

Massachusetts locals really get _____ off in April? Cool beans!
Patriot’s Day
Casimir Pulaski Day
Cesasr Chavez Day

Question: 10/17Choose Your Answer!

Do you think there will be a ______ soon? I’m wicked thirsty!

Question: 11/17Choose Your Answer!

If someone says “cah keys” what are they referring to?
Something to cook food
Something you need to start your automobile

Question: 12/17Choose Your Answer!

You can forget about Starbucks! We’re local to the East Coast shop:

Question: 13/17Choose Your Answer!

Massachusetts is too much to say all the time. Locals love to shorten it to:

Question: 14/17Choose Your Answer!

There’s no better sentence than “______” to demonstrate the hard R.
Grab as many ribbons for Rachel as you can carry.
Forget about Frank’s record recital on Thursday.
I park my car at the bar in Harvard yard.

Question: 15/17Choose Your Answer!

In MA, what do you consider a “frappe”?
Like an ice cream shake, but even thicker
Like an ice cream shake, but with alcohol
Like an ice cream shake, but thinner

Question: 16/17Choose Your Answer!

You guys sure do have a way with pronunciation. How does “Peabody” go?

Question: 17/17Choose Your Answer!

Leave the ____ State? You’re crazy! There’s NOWHERE else quite like Massachusetts.
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Are you a proud Massachusetts local? If the answer to that question is yes, then we're happy to inform you that you are totally in the right spot to put your Bay State Knowledge to the test. Now, we're not talking about Massachusetts trivia along the lines of historical events and locations. No. We're talking about the daily ins and outs of Massachusetts living for locals! That includes the slang, lingo, dialect, vernacular, lexicon, whatever you call it... the unique -isms, that are distinctly Massachusetts. And any local would be quick to tell you that there are A LOT of them. You don't get to be a state as cool and unique as Massachusetts without a whole lot of creative individuals living there. Terminology like frappes, wicked, Packie, Jimmies, Evacuation Day, The Pike, The Cape, Dunkin' and lobster rolls, just to name a few iconically Massachusetts things.

If any of that list sounded unfamiliar to you... then you either might not be as loyal of a local as you previously thought, or you just plain aren't a local. No need to sweat it however, wherever you may be from or have lived, odds are that has a geo-specific quiz for you to take and reminisce on. Seriously, there's nothing like connecting with fellow locals who just get your home state. And if that's still not your fit, has a whole range of trivia quizzes on such a wide variety of topics, that you won't even know which to start first. Go ahead... challenge yourself to see if you have what it takes to ace the quiz!