Oregon Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

Don't let this PNW lingo throw you for a loop!

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 Jan 28, 2020
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Question: 1/17Finish the phrase:

Keep Portland ______.

Question: 2/17Choose Your Answer!

You can spot easily spot tourists by how they use ____ instead of _____!
Hoods; Umbrellas
Umbrellas; Hoods

Question: 3/17Choose Your Answer!

______ Donuts is famous for some of their whacky designs. Like a donut man.
Blue Star

Question: 4/17Choose Your Answer!

You can probably agree statewide that which neighbors are just “the worst”?
Washingtonians. Ugh!
Idahoans. Ugh!
Californians. Ugh!

Question: 5/17Choose Your Answer!

Some might call you _____ snobs, but it’s not your fault you know how to make it well!

Question: 6/17Choose Your Answer!

Maine might have lobster, but Oregon has:
Snow crab
Blue lobster
Dungenes crab

Question: 7/17Choose Your Answer!

You might need to translate to out-of-staters that “filbert” just means:
Macadamia nut

Question: 8/17Choose Your Answer!

“Can you stop by the store on the way home? We have nothing for dinner!”
Yes, I’ll go by Hannaford
Definitely, I’ll stop at Ralph’s
Sure, I’ll swing by Freddie’s!

Question: 9/17Choose Your Answer!

Phil Knight's probably hoping you'll wear what kind of shoes to Autzen Stadium?
Knighty-Night slippers

Question: 10/17Choose Your Answer!

Locals can tell you the real name of the rock at Cannon Beach, it’s…
Old Man’s Hat
Haystack Rock
Needle Point

Question: 11/17Choose Your Answer!

Which of these rivers is known to attract wind surfers?
Willamette River
Columbia River
Clackamas River

Question: 12/17Choose Your Answer!

If you want a side of potato wedges with your sandwich, just ask your waiter for:

Question: 13/17Choose Your Answer!

They say don’t go chasing waterfalls… but you should definitely check out _______ Falls.

Question: 14/17Choose Your Answer!

That's a mouthful, only real locals know that Willamette is pronounced:

Question: 15/17Choose Your Answer!

Forget about blue, black, rasp, or strawberries. We’re all about:

Question: 16/17Choose Your Answer!

“I’m sad I didn’t buy the shoes. But they were just too _____! I couldn’t afford it.”

Question: 17/17Choose Your Answer!

You’ll always be a true Oregon native down to your webbed feet. You’re never leaving the ______ State!
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Hey, there Oregon locals! Just on the web looking for the perfect way to prove how much of an expert you are when it comes to all things Oregon lingo, trivia, cities, favorite foods, and coastlines? Then look no further, you've found it!! This seventeen-question quiz will definitely challenge you and force you to prove that you can talk the talk AND walk the walk when it comes to Oregon knowledge. Some people might think that all Pacific Northwestern states are the same, particularly Oregon and Washington, but you've each got your own good thing going! People need to respect how similar YET different the two states really are. People are right to assume that the Pacific Northwest is really awesome though. Who wouldn't want to live in such beautiful, outdoorsy states, even if there is a lot of rain at times. When it comes to Oregon lingo, you should definitely be familiar with phrases like Jojos, Salt & Straw, Blue Star, Tillamook, Multnomah Falls, Dungeness Crab, spendy, Marionberries, Dutch Bros., and Haystack Rock... Just to name a few totally-Oregon things. Hopefully all that slang sounded at least a little bit familiar to you. If it didn't, you might not know a whole about the Pacific Northwest or Oregon. No worrries, this is the perfect time to learn. And if you want to carry your learning over into all types of disciplines, Women.com has you covered with quizzes on a variety of topics from spelling to grammar to novels to television and even movies. So go ahead: put your brain power to the test! You just might surprise yourself.