ONLY Locals Can Score 15/17 on This Washington Lingo Quiz. Can You?

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 Jan 30, 2020
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Question: 1/17Choose Your Answer!

What town in WA is so nice they named it twice?
Walla Walla
Coma Coma
Lympia Lympia

Question: 2/17Choose Your Answer!

*Obviously,* you’re wearing ______ to cheer on the Seahawks!
Blue and green
Navy and silver
Red and white

Question: 3/17Choose Your Answer!

Mt. Rainier. Both a mountain AND a:

Question: 4/17Choose Your Answer!

People who think Washington is ONLY green and lush clearly don’t know about the _______.
Columbia Lowland
Columbia Desert
Columbia Basin

Question: 5/17Choose Your Answer!

Maine might have lobster, but Washington has:
Dungeness crab!
Blue lobster!
Ghost crab!

Question: 6/17Choose Your Answer!

ONLY locals can get this right! How do you pronounce “Geoduck”

Question: 7/17Choose Your Answer!

The Columbia Valley is known for what?
Its wine
Its peach orchards
Its lavender fields

Question: 8/17Choose Your Answer!

You gotta have which treat when you’re visiting the Yakima area?
Applets and Cotlets
Datelets and Honey

Question: 9/17Choose Your Answer!

Really, it's sunny out? Which of these phrases indicates good weather?
"Can't spot the mountain today."
“The mountain’s out today.”
"Don't forget your umbrella!"

Question: 10/17Choose Your Answer!

Where do trolls in Washington live?
Atop the needle
On the gum wall
Under the bridge

Question: 11/17Choose Your Answer!

You can spot easily spot tourists by how they use ____ instead of _____!
Hoods; umbrellas
Umbrellas; hoods

Question: 12/17Choose Your Answer!

Say it like a local! How is “Puallup” supposed to go?

Question: 13/17Choose Your Answer!

Which three rivers meet to become one?
The Columbia, the Grande Ronde and the Kettle
The Yakima, the Snake and the Kettle
The Columbia, the Yakima and the Snake

Question: 14/17Choose Your Answer!

Watch out, ______ was developed in Washington.
The Nitrogen bomb
The Atomic bomb

Question: 15/17Choose Your Answer!

So was ______, but that was a lot less explosive.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Question: 16/17Choose Your Answer!

Do you remember when the Mt. blew?
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Baker
Mt. Saint Helens

Question: 17/17Choose Your Answer!

Leave the _____ State? You’re crazy! I love it here way too much!
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Are you a Washington local? Native? Enthusiast? Tourist? Wannabe-tourist? Whatever you may be, you've found the right place if you are any type of Washington-state obsessed! This is a seventeen question lingo quiz that will really push your Washington knowledge to its limits. No, we're not talking about boring state facts and figures. We're talking about all the fun and clever lingo that real Washingtonians use in every day life. These little quirks and mannerisms are the things that make up what it means to really be a knowledgable Washington local. It might even take transplants a little adjusting before they too, catch on to all the unique slang. When we say slang, we're talking about Pike Place, Starbucks, Rainier Cherries, Jojos, Dungeness Crab, Gonzaga, the Columbia Basin, the Seahawks, Snoqualmie Falls, the Space Needle, Bill Gates, Yakima, and Cape Disappointment... Just to name a few things! Hopefully a lot of that sounded familiar? If it wasn't ringing any bells, you might be more of an Oregon local, or maybe a recent Washington transplant who's just starting to catch onto the local lingo? No worries, we're sure you'll pick up all the mannerisms in no time, if you really are familiar with the Pacific Northwest. On the other hand, if you truly are very unfamiliar with the Pacific Northwest, you might want to consider a different quiz! has quizzes of every type in every discipline: from grammar to spelling to history to movies/television to science and more. So go ahead, take a break from your hectic day and get started on this fun quiz! Good luck!