Maine Lingo - It's A Thing! How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Think you know ALL things Maine?!

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 Jun 23, 2019
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Question: 1/23Choose your answer!

You Mainers have to be careful about watching out for which of these animals on the road?

Question: 2/23Choose your answer!

If someone says they're heading to "beans" they probably mean:
Out to lunch
To any local coffee shop (coffee beans!)
To L.L. Bean, which started in Maine

Question: 3/23Choose your answer!

Out-of-staters might not know that "steamers" means _______, but you certainly do. Delicious!

Question: 4/23Choose your answer!

If your friend tells you that they're really in a guam, you know that translates to:
They're in a pleasant situation
They just had a great streak of luck
They're in a spot of trouble

Question: 5/23Choose your answer!

"Make sure you've got your hiking boots on, there's some real _________ ahead."

Question: 6/23Choose your answer!

Maine can't boast about too many celebrities, but you guys sure can brag about which of these local celebrity-novelists?
Stephen King
Gillian Flynn
Dan Brown

Question: 7/23Choose your answer!

Only in Maine can Cadillac be a type of car AND:
A mountain!
A type of tree!
Maine’s most popular sandwich!

Question: 8/23True or False?

It’s pretty rare to be from Maine and have never snowboarded or skiied before.

Question: 9/23Choose your answer!

Hmm, ________ doesn't sound like a typical soda brand, but it's totally delicious!

Question: 10/23Choose your answer!

You consider Maine's unofficial, but totally true motto to be:
“The only way to live”
“The way life should be”
“We’re definitely the best state.”

Question: 11/23Choose your answer!

Seriously, other states should give up even attempting to make __________ as well as Maine does!
Lobster rolls
Grilled cheese
Philly Cheesesteak

Question: 12/23Choose your answer!

"Don't worry about it, I'll swing by ______ on the way to home to get some groceries for dinner."
Hannaford Supermarket

Question: 13/23Choose your answer!

"No, I'm not talking about the city in Oregon, I'm talking about ______, Maine!"

Question: 14/23Choose your answer!

Sometimes you just have to follow up a lobster roll with which of these popular Maine desserts?
Whoopie pies
Key lime pie
Moon cakes

Question: 15/23Choose your answer!

What type of hot dog is oddly popular across the state?
Boar’s Head
Red Snappers

Question: 16/23Choose your answer!

Come winter, you're going to be in trouble if you don't keep which of these tools in your car at all times?
A snow scraper
An umbrella
A hammer

Question: 17/23Choose your answer!

If your friend wants to grab some Italians for lunch, you know you'll be eating:

Question: 18/23Choose your answer!

Lays Potato Chips are good, but _______ are even better!
Harry Potter
Humpty Dumpty
Peter Pan

Question: 19/23Choose your answer!

Mainers love the outdoors... What kind of tree is displayed on the Great Seal and the Maine State flag?
A Pine Tree
A Maple Tree
An Olive Tree

Question: 20/23Choose your answer!

Around these parts, you typically talk about distance in _____, not miles.
Gas spent

Question: 21/23Choose your answer!

"Oh man, 0 degrees out today? It's ______ cold!"

Question: 22/23Choose your answer!

Mainers love to joke that the state's fifth season is actually:
Leaf Season
Mud Season
Wind Season

Question: 23/23Choose your answer!

Around here, if someone just says they're going to "The County" which one are they talking about?
Definitely Penobscot.
Aroostook, of course!
Has to be Cumberland County!
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