Milwaukee Lingo - It's A Thing! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

How much do you know about this brew-tiful city?

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 Oct 14, 2019
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Every year, Milwaukee hosts a big music party on the lake shore. What's it called?

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Speaking of the lake shore, which Great Lake does Milwaukee sit on?
Lake Erie!
Lake Michigan!
Lake Ontario!

Question: 3/20Choose your answer!

Sure, ice cream's great and all but a true Wisconsinite knows that frozen __ is where it's at!
Fruit juice

Question: 4/20Choose your answer!

Stoplight? Oh, you mean ____.
Stop-and-go light
Go-and-don't-go light
Red-and-green light

Question: 5/20Choose your answer!

Don't worry if you get thirsty while you're exploring the city. You can always have a quick sip from a _____.
Water fountain

Question: 6/20Choose your answer!

Everyone in Milwaukee knows that ____ are superior to hot dogs. Always.

Question: 7/20Choose your answer!

After going through security at airports, it's pretty common to feel flustered and rushed. Good thing Mitchell International Airport has a:
Recombobulatioan Area
Repacking Area
Reclothing Area

Question: 8/20Choose your answer!

It might be odd to prefer your ______ to be squeaky, but Wisconsinites do! The squeakier, the fresher!
French fries
Cheese curds

Question: 9/20Choose your answer!

Bottoms up, Milwaukee's known as:
The Cold Brew City
The Wine City
The Brew City

Question: 10/20Choose your answer!

Around here, which of these dishes is very common for Friday night supper?
Fish fry!
Cali style burritos!
Hot wings!

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__________ can get pretty intense around here! Some restaurants even top theirs with burgers, pickles, pizza and other extreme toppings!
Bloody Mary's

Question: 12/20Choose your answer!

"Hey, hand me the ______ so I can change the tv channel."

Question: 13/20Choose your answer!

"Did you want to grab some food yet, _____?"
or later?
or no?

Question: 14/20Choose your answer!

"How many beers did I drink? Oh, y'know. A ______."
few here or there
bit there

Question: 15/20Choose your answer!

Why is April 14th special?
It's Milwaukee Day!
It's St. Patrick's Day!
It's Easter!

Question: 16/20Choose your answer!

When it comes to baseball, you're obviously rooting for which team?
The Sox, of course!
The Dodgers, of course!
The Brewers, of course!

Question: 17/20Choose your answer!

Even if you're not a football fan, you still cheer for the:
Chicago Bears!
New England Patriots!
Greenbay Packers. Go Cheeseheads!

Question: 18/20Choose your answer!

What do you need if you're making a stop at the nearest TYME machine?
A drink, because it's a vending machine
Money, because it's an ATM
Food, because it's a popular fast food chain in Milwaukee

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In Milwaukee, a group of people automatically gets referred to as:

Question: 20/20Choose your answer!

Truly, you know the best place in the whole world is the ______ State!
Mountain Lion
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