Seriously, Only A Mississippi Local Can Ace This 18 Q Lingo Quiz! Can You?

And that's M-I-S-S... oh you already know!

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 Jan 03, 2020
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Question: 1/18Choose Your Answer!

Hey, don’t knock ______ pickles until you’ve tried them. Perfectly sweet and sour!

Question: 2/18Choose Your Answer!

Just eat your slugburger with some ______ sauce and we promise you’ll enjoy it!

Question: 3/18Choose Your Answer!

Florida may have Key Lime Pie covered, but if you’re in MI, of course you’ll need to try:
Mississippi Mud Pie
Mississippi Marionberry Pie
Mississippi Maple Pie

Question: 4/18Choose Your Answer!

The University of Mississippi may be better known as:
Old Sip
Ole Miss
Ol’ Missi

Question: 5/18Choose Your Answer!

The Egg Bowl: where _____ and _____ go head to head!
MSU & Ole Miss
Ole Miss & Alcorn State
MSU & Mississippi College

Question: 6/18Choose Your Answer!

No seriously, ______ is actually from Mississippi.
Lady Gaga

Question: 7/18Choose Your Answer!

Of course, the king himself, Elvis, is from _______.

Question: 8/18Choose Your Answer!

Can you come over at 11am on Sunday?
Sorry, I’m going to sermon.
Sorry, I’m going to homily.
Sorry, I’m going to service.

Question: 9/18Choose Your Answer!

It’s not just the heat that will get you in the summer, it’s that darn _______ too!

Question: 10/18Choose Your Answer!

But watch out, even if you survive the heat and humidity, the ____ might still get you.

Question: 11/18Choose Your Answer!

No matter the brand, peanut butter crackers will always just be “_____” to you!

Question: 12/18Choose Your Answer!

Don’t y’all worry now. Tea is always _______ here.
Extra strong
Hot and tangy
Sweet and cold

Question: 13/18Choose Your Answer!

Which of these fish is a menu staple? That is, fried of course.
Mahi Mahi

Question: 14/18Choose Your Answer!

Which of these expressions can be said genuinely, or sometimes condescendingly/pityingly?
“How’s your mama’n’em?”
“High cotton!”
“Bless your heart!”

Question: 15/18Choose Your Answer!

Around here, it’s not totally uncommon to get stuck behind a _______ every now and then.

Question: 16/18Choose Your Answer!

Where does Mississippi fall on the whole pop/soda debate?
Clearly soda!
We actually call them all “cokes”!
Obviously pop!

Question: 17/18Choose Your Answer!

Mississippians invented which music genre?
The Blues!

Question: 18/18Choose Your Answer!

Leave the ______ State? No way! I love Mississippi too much to move away.
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QUIZ BLISS | Quiz Facts

Calling all Mississippi lovers! Have we got the perfect quiz for you today! If you're really from Mississippi, you should have no problem acing this Mississippi challenge with flying colors! Do you prefer eating your catfish fried? Do you always dip your French fries in comeback sauce? Are you proud to call the Magnolia State your home? Have you ever marinated your pickles in Kool Aid brine? Are you a fan of blues music and artists like B.B. King? Have you ever eaten your peanuts in coke for a snack? Do you love tamales with gravy? Did you know Mississippi is home of the cotton capital of the world? Are you proud to come from the Bible Belt? Do you root for Ole Miss win or lose? Have you ever attended Mississippi's Giant Houseparty? Have you ever visited the birthplace of Elvis Presley? Do you love attending Braves baseball games? Are you obsessed with the taste of slug burgers? Do you always catch the Egg Bowl every season? These questions and more are included in this quiz. If you want to prove to us that you're really from here, then you're going to have to put on your thinking cap and really hit the books when you take this test. We think you'll come out of this quiz much smarter and with a greater appreciation for your background and where you come from. Do you have what it takes to pass as a real local? Let's find out, shall we?!