Montana Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 19 "Typical" MT Things?

Do you know the Treasure State as well as you think you do? Prove it.

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 Feb 27, 2020
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Darn right, Montana's Miles City is the _____ Capital!

Question: 2/19Choose your answer!

We're proud to say we're home to the first national park in the nation:
Yellowstone National Park
Zion National Park
Grand Canyon National Park

Question: 3/19Choose your answer!

If you tell someone they have a nice "outfit" you might actually be complimenting their:

Question: 4/19Choose your answer!

In Montana, a lot of Dairy Queens close for:
A break between 3 and 4 p.m.
The months of November to April

Question: 5/19Choose your answer!

Apple pie is great, but what other berry goes well in pies and chocolates?
The strawberry
The cranberry
The huckleberry

Question: 6/19Choose your answer!

If you order a Whiskey Ditch, the bartender better mix up:
Whiskey and coke
Whiskey and water
Whiskey and orange juice

Question: 7/19Choose your answer!

You might tell someone to "cowboy up!" if they need to:
Just deal with it
Saddle and ride a horse
Put on some leather chaps

Question: 8/19Choose your answer!

In Montana, McDonald's is fast food, but it's also:
A popular dive bar
The state mascot
The largest lake in Glacier National Park

Question: 9/19Choose your answer!

What's a crick?
How Montanans pronounce “creek”
A really bad pain in your neck
The shortened name for crickets

Question: 10/19Choose your answer!

Amongst the lower 48 states, Montana has the largest population of which wild animal?
Pink salmon
Grizzly bears

Question: 11/19Choose your answer!

History buff? You can visit which famous battlefield site in Montana?
Fort Sumter
Little Bighorn

Question: 12/19Choose your answer!

Your friend's all excited about some "fresh pow." What's that?
A fight that’s going down later
The latest gossip
New snow to go skiing and snowboarding on

Question: 13/19Choose your answer!

Rocky Mountain Oysters might be an acquired taste as they're:
Bull testicles
Oysters caught in the Rocky Mountains
Super fresh saltwater oysters

Question: 14/19Choose your answer!

A "pitch-in" dinner is the same as:
A buffet
A potluck
A restaurant meal

Question: 15/19Choose your answer!

To a Montanan, what's a "coulee"?
A deep gully or ravine
A thin sweater
A thick sauce used on desserts

Question: 16/19Choose your answer!

Elk, deer, and antelope populations all outnumber what other population?
Red ant

Question: 17/19Choose your answer!

Not many out-of-staters know that prior to 1999, Montana had no ______.
Speed limit

Question: 18/19Choose your answer!

Which popular American daredevil is from Montana?
Harry Houdini
Evel Knievel
Jackie Chan

Question: 19/19Choose your answer!

Leave the _____ State? No way! I love Montana way too much to move away.
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