New England Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

New England natives only, please.

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 Jul 19, 2020
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Question: 1/20Choose your answer!

Dinner's served! Which of these delicious dishes is an East Coast classic?
Clam Chowder
Spam Musubi
Shrimp and Grits

Question: 2/20Choose your answer!

Come fall, the area's always crowded with "leaf peepers." What are these?
A particular type of gray squirrel
A peeping tom who uses leaf-cover to creep around
Tourists that come in the fall to check out the leaves

Question: 3/20Choose your answer!

Yikes, if the windchill puts the temperature in the negatives, you'd say it's _______ cold.

Question: 4/20Choose your answer!

"Park the car in Harvard Yard" -- How would a stereotypical Boston accent sound saying this?
Pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd
Park the car in Harvard Yard…?
Perk the ker in Harvard Yerd

Question: 5/20Choose your answer!

"Oh no problem, I'll stop by the Packie later to get ______ for the party!"

Question: 6/20Choose your answer!

Starbucks is good, but you've got some major loyalty to which popular chain that started right here in the East Coast?
Dunkin’ Donuts
Caribou Coffee
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Question: 7/20Choose your answer!

Shopping spree? You'd travel to which New England state to avoid sales tax?
New Hampshire

Question: 8/20Choose your answer!

You head to Maine for the lobster rolls and to Philly for the:
Peanut butter and pickles sandwiches

Question: 9/20Choose your answer!

Speaking of sandwiches, what goes into a fluffernutter sandwich?
Nutella and strawberries
Cinnamon and chocolate sauce
Marshmallow and peanut butter

Question: 10/20Choose your answer!

Get it right, it ticks you off when people mistakenly lump which state in with New England?
New York

Question: 11/20Choose your answer!

If someone mentions "the Cape," which one are they probably referring to?
Cape Ann
Cape Canaveral
Cape Cod

Question: 12/20Choose your answer!

"You totally just missed the turn!" "Calm down, I'll just _____________"
Bang a u-ey right here!
Turn this cart right around!
Slap a pony and we'll be there in no time!

Question: 13/20Choose your answer!

MA natives look away... what do you call one of those bad drivers from Massachusetts?
A Massjerk
A Mass-loser
A Masshole

Question: 14/20Choose your answer!

What's "statie" short for?
State trooper

Question: 15/20Choose your answer!

Yum, which of these donuts pairs perfectly with fall weather?
Apple cider doughnuts
Old fashioned’s
Oreo crumble doughnuts

Question: 16/20Choose your answer!

New England knows a thing or two about ice cream - which international chain got its start right in Vermont?
Halo Top
Ben & Jerry’s

Question: 17/20Choose your answer!

If you hear someone say "bubbler," you know they're talking about:
A drinking fountain
A cab driver who won’t stop talking
A Boston native

Question: 18/20Choose your answer!

New England also knows a thing or two about Ivy Leagues, but which of these ivies is NOT in New England?
Brown University
Columbia University
Dartmouth College

Question: 19/20Choose your answer!

Obviously, Samuel Adams is a type of:

Question: 20/20Choose your answer!

What do you call someone from Connecticut?
A Candied Walnut
A Nutmegger
A Cinnamon Twist
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