New Mexico Lingo, It's A Thing! Do You Know These 18 "Typical" NM Things?

Really think you know ALL of this New Mexico trivia?!

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 Aug 09, 2019
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Which New Mexican City is the Chile Capital of the World?
Santa Fe

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Say it like a local! How do you pronounce "chile"?

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If you believe in ghosts, then you should definitely be on the lookout out for the legendary ________.
La Llorona
La Preta

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There's nothing quite like the beautiful ________. You gotta see it once!
Black Sands National Monument
White Sands National Monument
Purple Sands National Monument

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What do you call those paper lanterns you decorate with around Christmas time?
Paper Lanterns…

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Which of these nuts is grown in NM, with the world's largest one in Alamogordo?
Brazil Nuts

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What spices do you make Bizcochitos with?
Anise and cinnamon
Lemon and pepper
Nutmeg and allspice

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It's not uncommon to see a stand on the roadside selling ______.
Pinon nuts

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What is on the New Mexico flag?
Red Lily
Zia Red Sun
Red Celtic Cross

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If the waiter asks you "red or green?" which food item did you just order?

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What ingredient perfectly takes your sopaipillas from savory to sweet?

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Don't laugh, _______ is the name of a real lake in NM, we swear!
Bison Tummy Springs
Giraffe Bum Reservoir
Elephant Butte Lake

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Ha, no, no _____ isn't *actually* pie. But it is delicious.
Whoopie Pie
Frito Pie
Shoofly Pie

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Tourists always seem to be looking for ______ in New Mexico and the general Southwest!

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Which amazing event takes place in Albuquerque every October?
The Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Party
International Halloween Parade
International Balloon Fiesta

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Prickly Pear comes off of:
Pear trees
Low shrubs

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Which famous bear is actually from New Mexico?
Smokey Bear
Paddington Bear

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It's the Land of Enchantment, but locals sometimes jokingly refer to it as ______. You sure do love this place, though!
The Land of Economizing
The Land of Elephants
The Land of Entrapment
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