Maryland *Lingo* - It's A Thing. Do You Know These 19 "Typical" MD Things?

Think you know Maryland Lingo?

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 Mar 06, 2020
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If you hear someone say "Jimmy and Sally" you immediately think of:

Question: 2/19Choose your answer!

For some states it's all about Friday night football, for Marylanders… It's all about:
Frisbee Golf

Question: 3/19Choose your answer!

Some might think the state flag is a little busy, but you've learned to love all the red, white, _____!
Black and yellow
Blue and white
Purple and green

Question: 4/19Choose your answer!

Chicago has deep dish, New York has huge triangle slices, and Maryland has:
Spiral shaped! (Ledo’s anyone?)
Square shaped! (Ledo’s anyone?)
Star shaped! (Ledo’s anyone?)

Question: 5/19Choose your answer!

Natty Boh? What on earth is that?
Natural Boss Wine!
Nationalist Bob’s Champagne!
National Bohemian Beer!

Question: 6/19Choose your answer!

Ok, so if you know Natty Boh, you probably also know that its logo is a man with only one…

Question: 7/19Choose your answer!

Of course I'm wearing _____ on game day to cheer for the Ravens!!!

Question: 8/19Choose your answer!

That is… if you're not rooting for the ________!

Question: 9/19Choose your answer!

Salt, pepper, and ______ are a staple in any Marylander's spice cupboard.
Old Bay
Creole Seasoning

Question: 10/19Choose your answer!

Which of these Broadway musicals famously takes place in Baltimore?

Question: 11/19Choose your answer!

Speaking of Baltimore, out-of-staters always think that's Maryland's capital, but obviously it's:
Ocean City

Question: 12/19Choose your answer!

It's not that complicated people, a terrapin is just a type of:

Question: 13/19Choose your answer!

Instead of asking what city someone's from, it's equally important to know which ______.

Question: 14/19Choose your answer!

It's always funny to see a restaurant outside of Maryland serving "___________." They'll certainly TRY to serve it!
Maryland Crab Cake
Maryland Lobster Roll
Maryland Ahi Tuna

Question: 15/19Choose your answer!

In need of some type of beach get away? Look no further than:
Ocean City
Atlantic City
Jersey City

Question: 16/19Choose your answer!

But if that weekend getaway's going to put you on the ______ at 5:30, avoid it at all costs.
Spaghetti Bowl

Question: 17/19Choose your answer!

Whatever your football allegiances might be, everyone seems to love the ______ when it comes to baseball.

Question: 18/19Choose your answer!

You guys sure are sporty…. Annapolis is actually the ______ capital of the world.

Question: 19/19Choose your answer!

There's a lot to love about the _______ State. Maryland, you're amazing!
Old Dominion
Old Line
Show Me
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