Nebraska Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

Are you living the Good Life?

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 Mar 04, 2020
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Question: 1/19Choose Your Answer!

Nebraskans know that when you turn (a) _______ into a pizza, you’ve got something great.

Question: 2/19Choose Your Answer!

Ha, people from other states probably couldn’t even tell you what ______ means! 🌽

Question: 3/19Choose Your Answer!

Odds are that you’ve got a special place in your heart for ______ salad dressing
Hidden Valley
Dorothy Lynch

Question: 4/19Choose Your Answer!

Wait, so what is the “Farmer’s Wave”?
A two finger salute!
A two handed wave!
A thumbs up!

Question: 5/19Choose Your Answer!

How would you describe a “Runza” to someone who has never had one?
It’s a sweet, fruity breakfast pastry
It’s a delicious meat-filled baked pocket of bread
It’s a fried bread pudding dessert

Question: 6/19Choose Your Answer!

Forget about Stonehenge! Nebraska’s got:

Question: 7/19Choose Your Answer!

Friends and family out of state are always happy to receive a package of _____ Steaks!

Question: 8/19Choose Your Answer!

You’re saying I can find “Der Viener Schlinger” at _______ AND it’s family friendly?
A Husker game
The State Fair

Question: 9/19Choose Your Answer!

The _____ always brings out-of-staters and in-staters alike to Omaha come June!

Question: 10/19Choose Your Answer!

Before they were the cornhuskers, they were actually the…

Question: 11/19Choose Your Answer!

It’s not uncommon to get stuck behind a _____ every now and then.
Golf Cart

Question: 12/19Choose Your Answer!

Did you know that Omaha is home to one of the world’s wealthiest men?
Of course, Bill Gates
Yes, Warren Buffett
Definitely, Jeff Bezos

Question: 13/19Choose Your Answer!

Where do you guys fall on the whole soda/pop debate?
We all call it soda around here
Neither… It’s cola
Obviously, it’s pop

Question: 14/19Choose Your Answer!

You’d probably love the sweet snack “puppy chow,” so long as you’re not allergic to _________.
Raspberry or white chocolate
Peanut butter or chocolate
Almonds or toffee

Question: 15/19Choose Your Answer!

Which of these iconic food combinations can you not knock until you’ve tried it?
Spaghetti + chocolate!
Cinnamon rolls + chili!
Blueberry muffins + hot sauce!

Question: 16/19Choose Your Answer!

That’s right… The whole world can thank Hastings, Nebraska for which of these beverages?

Question: 17/19Choose Your Answer!

Which of these UNL football coaches started out as a player, himself?
Bill Riley
Bo Pelini
Scott Frost

Question: 18/19Choose Your Answer!

There's no better way to toast to Game Day than with a _____ Beer!

Question: 19/19Choose Your Answer!

Leave the ______ State? No way! It really is the good life here in Nebraska.
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