Oregon Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 18 "Typical" OR Things?

Not all Oregon locals are the same, but…

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 Jan 19, 2020
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Question: 1/18Choose Your Answer!

You can tell if someone's a local just by the way they say Willamette! It should be:

Question: 2/18Choose Your Answer!

Did she just order her sandwich with a side of "jojos"?
Those are potato wedges!
Those are fried pickles!
Those are onion strings!

Question: 3/18Choose Your Answer!

New York might have Niagara Falls, but Oregon has _________!
Multnomah Falls
Shoshone Falls
Twin Falls

Question: 4/18Choose Your Answer!

Some like to say that Voodoo Donuts is for tourists, but _____ is for locals!
Blue Star Donuts
The Donut Professor
Randy’s Donuts

Question: 5/18Choose Your Answer!

Where the _____ River meets the Pacific Ocean is known to be the roughest bar of all.

Question: 6/18Choose Your Answer!

Heck yeah you're gonna put on some neon _______ to cheer on the Ducks!
Green and blue
Blue and white
Green and yellow

Question: 7/18Choose Your Answer!

Maine might have the best lobster, but Oregon has the best _______ covered.
Dungeness Crab

Question: 8/18Choose Your Answer!

What does it mean if your friend says a jacket was just too "spendy"?
It was too colorful
It was too insulated
It was too expensive

Question: 9/18Choose Your Answer!

PDX recently did away with it's iconic ______ and you probably still can't get over it.
Painted ceilings
Wall murals

Question: 10/18Choose Your Answer!

Other states are really missing out when it comes to ________!

Question: 11/18Choose Your Answer!

"We're going for a little getaway this weekend. Just heading to the ______."
Salt Chuck

Question: 12/18True or False?

Oregon locals LOVE using umbrellas, even if it's only sprinkling out.
False, we only bust umbrellas out for SERIOUS downpour.
True, no reason to get wet if you don’t have to!

Question: 13/18Choose Your Answer!

The rest of the country knows how delicious _______ is, since it's practically in every grocery store.
Alta Dena Dairy
Babybel Dairy
Tillamook Dairy

Question: 14/18Choose Your Answer!

Yeah, we don't have _____ tax! You jealous?

Question: 15/18Choose Your Answer!

Forget about Starbucks... drink local! Like:
Dutch Bros.!
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

Question: 16/18Choose Your Answer!

Ok, ok it's true what they say. We do love to hate:

Question: 17/18Choose Your Answer!

Locals know that the famous rock at Cannon Beach is actually called:
Haystack Rock
Old Man’s Hat
Needle Point

Question: 18/18Choose Your Answer!

Leave the _____ State? Are you crazy? There's NOWHERE else like Oregon.
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Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to call themselves an Oregon local. Are you one of them? Only a born and bred Oregon native will be able to pass this ultimate state challenge without cheating or getting outside help. Do you say Willamette like a tourist or like a local? Do you love visiting all of the parks and gardens in the capital city of Salem? Are you a huge fan of cooking Dungeness crabs for dinner? Have you ever been to Cannon Beach to take an Instagram-worthy photo of Haystack Rock? Do you love jojos potato wedges with a passion? What about Tillamook cheese? Is Dutch Bros the java you prefer every morning? Have you ever eaten a Voodoo doughnut, clam chowder from Mo's, or a burger from Burgerville? Do you root for the Ducks and the Timbers win or lose? Are you slightly obsessed with marionberries? Do you love going wine tasting in Willamette Valley? If you think you can answer most of these questions, then you're probably a true Oregon local at heart. Let's see if you're truly a lover of the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. All you have to do is correctly answer a series of questions about the great state of Oregon to pass. That's it! Sound easy enough? We might throw in a few curveballs and trick questions, so don't get too confident just yet. What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show of your love and pride for the Beaver State!