San Diego *Lingo* - It's A Thing. Do You Know It ALL?

It'd be totally gnarly if you could ace this quiz!

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 Dec 27, 2019
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San Diego is known for its delicious _____ food! Seriously, so good.

Question: 2/19Choose Your Answer!

And sometimes the places that sell the best Mexican food are actually the:
Highest-end places
Grungy, hole-in-the-wall places

Question: 3/19Choose Your Answer!

If you had to pick one word to describe San Diego weather, it would be:

Question: 4/19Choose Your Answer!

It's common to see Navy Seals around town, after all, their training base is at _______!
Solana Beach

Question: 5/19Choose Your Answer!

Yeah, you bet we put ______ in our California burritos. Don't knock it 'til you try it.
French fries

Question: 6/19Choose Your Answer!

What's the only damper on San Diego's great weather?
Brrr Octoberrr
Harsh March
June Gloom and May Gray

Question: 7/19Choose Your Answer!

No, no listen. _____ is not like other fast food chains. It's in a league of its own.

Question: 8/19Choose Your Answer!

You came to San Diego and didn't get any ______ or margaritas? That's just not right.
Fish tacos
Mexican lasagna
Spicy burgoo

Question: 9/19Choose Your Answer!

Only in San Diego does "cold" refer to when:
It’s 50 degrees and rainy
The temp is below 70
There’s snow in the ground

Question: 10/19Choose Your Answer!

You can count on one of San Diego's biggest events happening in July every year:
Wonder Con!!
Animal Expo!!
Comic Con!!

Question: 11/19Choose Your Answer!

The Santa Ana ______ are a real thing… Take cover!

Question: 12/19Choose Your Answer!

What did you just say? He got a cool photo on a potato chip?
Yeah, didn’t you know we have the world’s biggest potato chip here?
Oh ha, it’s a famous rock here!
No, he got a cool photo WITH his potato chips.

Question: 13/19Choose Your Answer!

Want to take your furry best friend to the Ocean? Better head to which of these beaches then?
Ocean Beach
Pacific Beach
Del Mar Beach

Question: 14/19Choose Your Answer!

If you want some authentic pizza, where do you go?
Little Italy
Old Town

Question: 15/19Choose Your Answer!

You probably have some *complicated* feelings about the _____ after they moved to LA.

Question: 16/19Choose Your Answer!

Going to La Jolla? Expect to see some:
Humpback whales
Giant turtles
Sunbathing seals

Question: 17/19Choose Your Answer!

Any true San Diegan says ______, not Interstate 805.
High Way 805
The 805

Question: 18/19Choose Your Answer!

You use acronyms like OB and PB, but _____ will never be MB.
Mission Beach
Matador Beach
Manhattan Beach

Question: 19/19Choose Your Answer!

Seriously count yourself lucky. You live where everyone else:
Writes about!
QUIZ BLISS | Quiz Facts

If you love SD and you aren't afraid to show it, then it's time to wear your pride on your sleeve and take this quiz! Did you know that the 25th Street bridge doubles as a musical instrument? Have you ever ridden on the Giant Dipper roller coaster? Have you ever visited the Whaley Museum to look for ghosts? Have you ever indulged in Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream? Did you know that Balboa Park is home to 15 different major museums? Have you ever tried the famous carne asada fries at Lolita's? Do you know what the small brass circles on San Diego Ave. indicate? Have you ever watched the Rock 'n' Roll marathon? Do you love looking at all the seals on the La Jolla beaches? Do you know why San Diego is nicknamed the Capital of Craft? Have you ever driven down to see the old Victorian houses in Heritage Park? Do you know where the suspension bridge in Bankers Hill is? Have you ever put French fries inside your burrito? Have you ever taken a road trip to Tijuana? Do you enjoy watching the Holiday Bowl every season? Do you root for the Padres or the Chargers win or lose? Are you an avid diner at Jack in the Box? Have you ever attended Comic Con? Did you know that San Diego is considered the birthplace of California? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then we think you have what it takes to make it to the end of this quiz. Then what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and prove you're a total San Diego local through and through! Good luck!