Virginia Slang - It's A Thing. Do You Know These 21 "Typical" VA Things?

Do you know VA like a local?

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 Nov 19, 2019
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Question: 1/21Choose your answer!

Virginia is not just a state, it's a _________! And don't you forget it.

Question: 2/21Choose your answer!

Odds are that you've taken a field trip to Colonial _______. It's basically a rite of passage.

Question: 3/21Choose your answer!

People who aren't accustomed to amazing seafood like Virginians might not know ______ hammers are perfect for eating steamed crab.

Question: 4/21Choose your answer!

You're either a ____ or a _____, but never both! You HAVE to pick a side!
Hokie; Bilikin
Wahoo; Lion
Hokie; Wahoo

Question: 5/21Choose your answer!

True or False: You'll seldom hear someone say that they're just from Virginia.
True, you always say if it’s Southern, Nova or elsewhere
False! Virginia is just Virginia.

Question: 6/21Choose your answer!

You guys are used to some serious jet noise on ______ Beach, due to the Naval Air Station Oceana. Pretty cool!

Question: 7/21Choose your answer!

A true local has been to ______ multiple times and knows all the secrets to shortcuts, best rides and the best food.
Busch Gardens
Worlds of Fun
Knott’s Berry Farm

Question: 8/21Choose your answer!

The West Coast gets all the attention for ______, but VA's actually into it too!
Dirt Biking
Ultimate Frisbee

Question: 9/21Choose your answer!

Tea should ALWAYS be cold and:

Question: 10/21Choose your answer!

Y'all do occasionally say "_________." Y'all are southern after all!
Bless your heart
Bless your being
Bless your soul

Question: 11/21Choose your answer!

There's a reason people travel across the country for Chesapeake Bay ______. They're beyond delicious!
Red catfish
Giant oysters
Blue crabs

Question: 12/21Choose your answer!

Virginia is officially the home of more of which of these than any other state?

Question: 13/21Choose your answer!

Around here, the BEST cured ham comes from:

Question: 14/21Choose your answer!

If your weekend plans involve watching some Nascar, then you're going to need to head to the:
Sonoma Raceway
Darlington Raceway
Martinsville Speedway

Question: 15/21Choose your answer!

"I can't meet you at 11 on Sunday. I'm going to _______."

Question: 16/21Choose your answer!

Get on ____ during rush hour? No way!
The Spaghetti Bowl

Question: 17/21Choose your answer!

It doesn't take much ____ at all to get a _____ day off of school, but you never minded!

Question: 18/21Choose your answer!

Finish the phrase... Virginia is for:

Question: 19/21Choose your answer!

It's always easy to tell that someone's a tourist if they're having trouble pronouncing "Monticello." It's:

Question: 20/21Choose your answer!

Oddly enough, Virginians don't say that they "buy groceries," rather that they _____ them.

Question: 21/21Choose your answer!

They say Virginia is for lovers, and you sure do love the ______ State!
Old Dominion
Old Faithful
Old Glory
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