It’s Not Gibberish - It’s West Virginia Lingo! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

Y'all really think you can ace this West Virginia quiz?

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 Mar 03, 2020
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Question: 1/19Choose your answer!

What is a "buggy"?
A TV set
A large shelf
A grocery cart

Question: 2/19Choose your answer!

If your friend is taking a long time, you'd say they're "moving slow as _______."

Question: 3/19Choose your answer!

What does it mean to "red up your room"?
To paint it red
To clean it up
To totally mess it up

Question: 4/19Choose your answer!

If an out-of-stater didn't know what a "ramp" was, what other item would you describe them most similar to?
Green onions

Question: 5/19Choose your answer!

As a proud West Virginian, you're loyally rooting for which team?
The Rangers
The Mountaineers
The Buccaneers

Question: 6/19Choose your answer!

But if you're not rooting for the Mountaineers, you've got to be rooting for which team?
The Tide
The Herd
The Group

Question: 7/19Choose your answer!

You often top your hotdog with "sauce" which is pretty similar to what?
Thousand Island

Question: 8/19Choose your answer!

Which of these chains started in West Virginia?
In’n’out Burger
Tudor’s Biscuit World

Question: 9/19Choose your answer!

One person is "you," but a group of two or more is ____!
Youse Guys

Question: 10/19Choose your answer!

What is West Virginia's state slogan?
Wholehearted and Wandering
Wonderful and Wide
Wild and Wonderful

Question: 11/19Choose your answer!

It's said that ______ were actually started by Italian miners, and they're still a WV classic!
Tuna sandwiches
Oatmeal cookies
Pepperoni rolls

Question: 12/19Choose your answer!

Which river runs through Charleston?
The Cacapon
The Potomac
The Kanawha

Question: 13/19Choose your answer!

What does someone mean when they say "holler"?
A type of bird
Shouting across to a neighbor
A small rising valley between two hills or mountains

Question: 14/19Choose your answer!

Which of these would you say if you were a little tired?
Let’s take a fiver
Let’s sit for a spell
Let’s lay down for a moment

Question: 15/19Finish the phrase:

"I love you a bushel and a _______"

Question: 16/19Choose your answer!

The famous Greenbrier Hotel is actually what color?

Question: 17/19Choose your answer!

Meanwhile, you can visit a waterfall that is named which color?
Redwater Falls
Purplewater Falls
Blackwater Falls

Question: 18/19Choose your answer!

How do you say the word creek, as in a thin stream?

Question: 19/19Choose your answer!

Leave the _____ State? No way! I love West Virginia way too much.
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