Arkansas Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These "Typical" 18 AR Things?

Razorbacks, only!!!

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 Aug 12, 0219
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Nothing beats a _____... Which includes a river, an inner tube and maybe a beer.
Floating trip
Beach Trip
Hiking Trip

Question: 2/18Choose your answer!

No other state makes a ______ bigger than the plate, quite like Arkansas does.
Grilled Cheese
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Turkey Rueben Sandwich

Question: 3/18Choose your answer!

It really makes your skin itch to hear someone pronounce Arkansas as:
Ar-Kansas, ugh.
Are-Canned-Saw, hate it.
Are-Can-Saw, meh.

Question: 4/18Choose your answer!

That's right, the rest of the world can thank Arkansas for:

Question: 5/18Choose your answer!

You've got your savory gravies, and then you've got your sweet gravy, like:
Chocolate Gravy. Perfect on biscuits.
Marshmallow Gravy. Perfect on chocolate.
Chicken Gravy. Perfect on rolls.

Question: 6/18Choose your answer!

One person is you, two people is y'all, and a huge group is:
Youse guys
All y'all

Question: 7/18Choose your answer!

An Arkansas local will tell you directions in what kind of form?
By landmarks, turn left at the quicky mart then a right at the stop sign
Always miles. Something is 12 miles away.
Time, something is an hour away, not 60 miles.

Question: 8/18Choose your answer!

What kind of competition/race will you see at the PurpleHull Pea Festival?
The Tractor Race!
The Plow Race!
The Rotary Tiller Race!

Question: 9/18Choose your answer!

Wait, what kind of animal is a razorback anyway?
A deer
A hog
A frog

Question: 10/18Choose your answer!

______ is a total Razorback tradition and starts with t starts with someone shouting "woooo."
Calling the hogs
Razorbacks fight song
Singing the YMCA song

Question: 11/18Choose your answer!

Which of these patterns is acceptable all year round and for pretty much everyone to wear?
Boating outfits, they're not just for sailing
Plaid, it's not just for Christmas time
Camo, it's not just for hunting season

Question: 12/18Choose your answer!

What's the national forest in Arkansas that's full of beautiful trees, lakes and a great driving route?
Broken Bow Lake
Winding Stair mountain
Ozark National Forest

Question: 13/18Choose your answer!

Around here, it's not uncommon for a traffic jam to be caused by a _______!
Golf Cart

Question: 14/18Choose your answer!

Around here, nothing beats some fresh fried up ______! Mmm, delicious!

Question: 15/18Choose your answer!

Usually, ___________ sales are prohibited on Sundays in this state.

Question: 16/18Choose your answer!

What do you call that last meal of the day?

Question: 17/18Choose your answer!

If you want to enjoy a carbonated beverage with your meal, you'd just order a:

Question: 18/18Choose your answer!

Leave the _______ State? No way! I love Arkansas way too much to do that.
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