East Coast Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Many Phrases Do You Know?

How East Coast are you, really?

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 Oct 17, 2019
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As an Easter Coaster you definitely feel some loyalty to this coffee and food chain over Starbucks. It's:
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Can't get enough!
Dunkin' Donuts. Love that place!
Winchells Donuts, yum!

Question: 2/18Choose your answer!

The East Coast has some pretty iconic and popular attractions, but that is also why East Coast locals avoid these spots.
False, I don't mind being around the tourists.
True, it's tourist central!!

Question: 3/18Choose your answer!

Maine really knows how to do ________, this signature dish just can't be beat.
Lobster Rolls
Hot Dogs

Question: 4/18Choose your answer!

And when in Philadelphia, you have to get your hands on this classic sub:
Philly cheesesteak
Pastrami melt
Lobster Roll

Question: 5/18Choose your answer!

In the West Coast they might drive everywhere, but it is more common to take a taxi, bike or ______ in many East Coast cities.

Question: 6/18Choose your answer!

When an East Coaster thinks something/someone is annoying or dumb you might hear them say:
Im drawlin'
Messed up

Question: 7/18Choose your answer!

But don't get that confused with "______" which an Easter Coaster might say if you said something funny.
Hilarious dude
That tickles my funny bone
Im geekin'

Question: 8/18Choose your answer!

What's that cold dessert that's not a slushie, or Italian ice, but sure is delicious?
Water Ice
Shaved ice

Question: 9/18Choose your answer!

East Coasters have a lot of names for long sandwiches, but which of these names is NOT one you've heard used in the region?

Question: 10/18Choose your answer!

This kind of candy is pretty chewy but very popular on Atlantic City boardwalks.
Ginger candy
Salt Water Taffy

Question: 11/18Choose your answer!

MA natives look away... what do you call one of those bad drivers from Massachusetts?
A Massjerk
A Mass-loser
A Masshole

Question: 12/18Choose your answer!

Yikes, if the windchill puts the temperature in the negatives, you'd say it's _______ cold.

Question: 13/18Choose your answer!

Come fall, the area's always crowded with "leaf peepers." What are these?
A peeping tom who uses leaf-cover to creep around
Tourists that come in the fall to check out the leaves
A particular type of gray squirrel

Question: 14/18Choose your answer!

If you're from the East Coast, this is the most popular convenience store that is open 24-hours.
Piggly Wiggly

Question: 15/18Choose your answer!

This can be made with your breakfast eggs or in a sandwich. Cornmeal and pig scraps never tasted any better
Hot links

Question: 16/18Choose your answer!

What do you call someone from Connecticut?
A Cinnamon Twist
A Nutmegger
A Candied Walnut

Question: 17/18Choose your answer!

You're no stranger to cold weather, what do you make sure to have in your car come winter?
A snowscraper
A snow shaper
A snow-raker

Question: 18/18Choose your answer!

New England also knows a thing or two about Ivy Leagues, but which of these ivies is NOT in New England?
Columbia University
Brown University
Stanford University
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