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 Oct 15, 2019
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If you live in Northern Illinois, you know all about the rivalry between which two Chicago MLB teams?
The Cubs & White Sox!
The Cubs & Red Sox!
The White Sox & Yankees!

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Luckily though, when it comes to football, there's only one team you're rooting for and it's:
Da Giants!
Da Eagles!
Da Bears!

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Don't let your mouth water, but what delicious food is Portillo's known for?
Deep dish and breadsticks
Italian beef, hot dogs and fries
Sub sandwiches and potato chips

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It's true — some students in Illinois get a day off in March because of ______.
Spring training!
The biggest snow day of the year!
Casimir Pulaski Day!

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If you grew up in Illinois, odds are you took a family vacation to which theme park at least a few times?
Worlds of Fun
Six Flags
Knott's Berry Farm

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In the South they might address a group with "y'all" but in the midwest, it's definitely:
You guys
Youse guys

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Out-of-staters often think Chicago is the capital of Illinois, but come on, ________ is.

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Whoa, it's crazy to think that mega fast food chain, _______, started right here in Illinois in 1955!
Carls Jr.

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Sure, Subway and Jersey Mike's aren't bad, but which sandwich store is definitely a favorite amongst Illinois locals?
Jimmy Johns
D-Angelo Sandwiches
Togo's Sandwiches

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Regular old soft serve ice cream? Nah, boring! What alternative ice cream invention came right out of Illinois in 1988?
Nitro Ice cream
Halo Top
Dippin' Dots

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It's so cringe-inducing when anyone ever pronounces the S in what word?

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What is one condiment that it is just not acceptable to put on your hot dog?
White onions! They never goes on a Chicago Dog!
Ketchup! It never goes on a Chicago Dog!
Mustard! It never goes on a Chicago Dog!

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Which iconic president was born in Kentucky, but grew up in Illinois?
Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
George Washington

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Living in Illinois and explaining to an out-of-towner what city you live in is just complicated, so you shamelessly say you're from:

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Okay, it's true, it's not uncommon to occasionally be stuck behind a ____ in traffic.
Golf cart

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Everyone's all about Chicago, but if you live in Southern Illinois, which big city is actually a lot closer?
St. Louis!
New Orleans!

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Being from the midwest and a state that grows corn, you've probably heard which of these phrases about it?
Super gold by three weeks old!
Shoulder-width by June Fifth!
Knee-high by the Fourth of July

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And lastly, no matter where you may go, you'll always have serious pride for the:
Show Me State!
Land of Lincoln!
Big Easy!
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