Quiz: Do You Speak Jersey?

Think you're Jersey enough?

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 Feb 03, 2019
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New York gets all the credit for this breakfast sandwich, but New Jersey will give them a run for their money!
No one makes grilled cheese like Jersey does.
Pastrami Egg Sandwich, you can't beat it!
Yeah we do bagels so much better!

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New Jerseyans tend to love which convenience store? (which really is so much more than just a convenience store!)
Quickie Mart

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Seriously, don't call it the beach, just call it:
The ocean
The shore
The boardwalk

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Whoa there smarties, which Ivy League school is located right in New Jersey?

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What legendary monster is rumored to lurk in the forests of New Jersey?
The Loch Jersey Monster. Scary.
Big Jersey. Watch out!
The Jersey Devil. Spooky.

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Which two New York football teams actually play right at the Metlife Stadium... in New Jersey?
The Eagles & Giants
The Jets & Giants
The 49ers & Jets

Question: 7/18Choose your answer!

You are not allowed to do this at any New Jersey gas stations and don't you forget it!
Buy lotto tickets
Pump your own gas
Buy cigarettes

Question: 8/18Choose your answer!

If you hear people in New Jersey talking about Jughandles what are they referring to?
A type of drink
The handles of jugs
A type of highway ramp

Question: 9/18Choose your answer!

Which 80s rock band will always have New Jerseyans' hearts?
Bon Jovi
Led Zepplin
Guns n' Roses

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Speaking of music, which musical legend is from New Jersey?
The Queen... Katy Perry!
The King... Elvis Presley!
The Boss... Bruce Springsteen!

Question: 11/18Choose your answer!

Dealing with toll roads can be a real pain, unless you have what?
An E-Z Pass
A Max Pass
A FastPass

Question: 12/18Choose your answer!

The Jersey Shore practically specializes in which sweet treat?
Sour Gummy Bears
Salt Water Taffy
Cotton Candy Ropes

Question: 13/18Choose your answer!

Some call it a Pork Roll, but you'd also know it by _______.
Tom Ham
Bob Ham
Taylor ham

Question: 14/18Choose your answer!

Forget about Starbucks, around here people have some serious loyalty to which East Coast chain?
Dunkin' Donuts
Caribou Coffee
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Question: 15/18Choose your answer!

If someone tells you they saw some "Bennies" down by the shore, you know they mean:
Cute dogs
Police officers

Question: 16/18Choose your answer!

There's actually a bit of a big rivalry between which two regions?
Central Jersey and South Jersey
North Jersey and South Jersey
New Jersey and Old Jersey

Question: 17/18Choose your answer!

What's another term you use for red sauce or pizza sauce?

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Let others say what they want. You know that the _____ State is the place to be!
Tar Heel
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New Jersey is such a tiny state, but it's packed with so much culture, tourist spots, and people! Amazing and unique people! Maybe you count yourself among the nine million people who call New Jersey their home? Or, if you are just a frequent tourist or visitor, that is just fine too. New Jersey is so close to a lot of other East Coast states that it's easy to visit New Jersey or visit other states from the Garden State. Maybe you haven't even been to New Jersey... you've just seen a lot of footage of the shore, from the popular MTV show, The Jersey Shore! Seems like New Jerseyans either love or hate the controversial show that brought so much attention to the Garden State. One thing's for certain though. If you want a chance of passing this quiz, you NEED to be familiar with New Jersey. Make that incredibly familiar with New Jersey slang, lingo, customs, traditions, sports teams, and pronunciation, for a shot at ACING this quiz. Seriously, this quiz isn't for non-locals. But if you aren't actually a New Jersey local, don't sweat it. Because women.com has a whole slew of quizzes for other states and regions. Wherever you may be from, women.com definitely has a quick and tricky quiz for you. Not in the mood for geography? That's not a problem either. Women.com has quizzes on a wide array of general knowledge topics like spelling, grammar, and trivia. Whatever your interests may be, there is definitely a quiz that will suit it. So go ahead and take a quick two minute break from your hectic day and try out one of women.com's quizzes! You're sure to enjoy yourself. Good luck!