South Carolina Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

Think you know all the SC lingo?

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 Feb 14, 2020
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If you don't want to call yourself a South Carolinian, you could always just say:

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The Palmetto Tree actually just looks like a smaller version of what tree?
A maple tree
A fern
A palm tree

Question: 3/19Choose your answer!

If you're looking for a liquor store, you'll know you've found one when you see:
A green square!
A purple plus sign!
A red dot!

Question: 4/19Choose your answer!

It's true that a lot of _____ call South Carolina home... if you see one it's best to not even get close!
Black bears
Mountain lions

Question: 5/19Choose your answer!

Seriously, _____ can be good for breakfast, lunch OR dinner!
Mashed Potatoes

Question: 6/19Choose your answer!

Don't y'all worry now... _____ Stew doesn't actually have ______ in it.
Crocmore; crocodiles
Birdmore; birds
Frogmore; frogs

Question: 7/19Choose your answer!

What are those weeds on the beach that are actually protected by law?
Sea weed
Sea oats
Tumble weeds

Question: 8/19Choose your answer!

This South Carolina college football is the kind of football team that ends up on ESPN. They are that good....
That's Coastal Carolina University!
That's University of South Carolina!
That's Clemson University!

Question: 9/19Choose your answer!

The vegetation that hangs from trees in South Carolina is called ______________.
European Silk
French Grass
Spanish Moss

Question: 10/19Choose your answer!

South Carolinians know peanuts are extra tasty when you:
Candy them
Boil them
Soak them

Question: 11/19Choose your answer!

"Cindy really doesn't seem to have much luck with the boys, oh ______________."
Bless her heart!
Bless her mama!
Bless me!

Question: 12/19Choose your answer!

Sure, you've got the Polka or the Moonwalk... But around here, the Carolina _____ is pretty popular!

Question: 13/19Choose your answer!

Locals claim that Summerville, South Carolina was the birth place of which drink?
Sweet tea
Arnold Palmer

Question: 14/19Choose your answer!

This popular southern dish is technically a side, but it's so good it could really be enjoyed on it's own. What is it?
Fried cucumbers
Hush puppies
Cheese curds

Question: 15/19Choose your answer!

In Gaffney, you can spot a water tower that looks like a big ______!
Palm tree

Question: 16/19Choose your answer!

There are a ton of famous sites in South Carolina from which historical event?
The Boston Tea Party
The Declaration of Independence
The Civil War

Question: 17/19Choose your answer!

Almost every South Carolinian has a recipe for ____ that's been passed down for generations!
Fried Chicken
Spaghetti and meatballs
Clam chowder

Question: 18/19Choose your answer!

What is a proper term for dinner in South Carolina?

Question: 19/19Choose your answer!

Leave the _____ State? No way! I love South Carolina way too much to do that!
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