Are You Wisconsin Enough To Decipher ALL This WI Lingo? Bet Not!

Can you figure out all the lingo?

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 Nov 06, 2019
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Wisconsinites well always sit down and talk sports with you, and this team will always be talked about with the highest praise.

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If you're attending a Packers game the fun starts right in the parking lot during :
Waiting in line to buy a ticket

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This mouth watering Wisconsin favorite is NOT a hot dog, the bratwurst is cooked in beer and made to perfection.
A brat
Bratwurst sandwich
Bratwurst chili dog

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Wisconsinites will always end their questions with this phrase:
'Or yes?'
'Is that okay?'
'Or No?'

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This is a common thing to do on a Wisconsin night, and if you're invited to one that means they like you.
Cow tipping

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Every Friday in Wisconsin is always :
Fish Fry
Flash-sale Friday
Football Friday

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What are Wisconsinites nickname?

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In Wisconsin there is a huge production of _______.

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Wisconsinites love this kind of alcohol, they might even use it to help a tooth ache.

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Wisconsin natives call water fountains :
Watering hole
Water spouts

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This is an unofficial holiday in Wisconsin, it is something people miss work for and pull their kids out of school.
First game of Packers season
First fish fry of the year
First day of hunting season

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In certain states in might be called pop but in Wisconsin it's called:
Soft drink

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This is a very popular dessert in Wisconsin and it's worth trying.
Cream puffs
Mud pie
Devil food cake

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In Wisconsin, a stoplight or traffic light are called:
Stop and go light
Stop signs
Speed light

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This is a very popular state park in Wisconsin to go for a nice hike or to go camping, it is truly a beautiful sight.
Green Bay
Packer Lake
Devil's Lake State Park

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You won't find any wine tasting in Wisconsin, but you will definitely find some great:
Fish Fry & Cheese tasting
Beer & cheese tasting
Cream puffs & cheese tasting

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This kind of music is very popular in Wisconsin, they even have a hall of fame for it.

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This summer music festival in Milwaukee is the biggest one in the Midwest.
Summer Jam
Milwaukee Summerfest
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