Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Foreign Language Test If You Love To Travel

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 Jun 17, 2019
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When someone says "Mi casa es su casa" in Spanish, what do they mean?
Stay as long as you'd like
My home is your home
It's nice to meet you

Question: 2/15Choose your answer!

"Bon voyage" is a French phrase meaning what?
Have fun
Have a nice trip
Be safe

Question: 3/15Choose your answer!

If someone tells you "Hasta la vista," what do they mean?
Have a nice day
See you later
Good morning

Question: 4/15Choose your answer!

"Alfresco" is an Italian word meaning _____?
In the open air
With ice cream
With friends

Question: 5/15Choose your answer!

"Que sera, sera" is a Spanish, French, and Italian phrase meaning what?
What will be, will be
How are you?
What is for dinner?

Question: 6/15Choose your answer!

How do you say "My name is" in Spanish?
Me llamo
Mi amor
Mi nombre

Question: 7/15Choose your answer!

If someone in Japan tells you "Konnichiwa," what are they saying?
Good afternoon
What is your name?

Question: 8/15Choose your answer!

What is the Latin word meaning "seize the day!"
Carpe diem
Carde pein
Cappe diet

Question: 9/15Choose your answer!

"Je ne sais quoi" in French means _____ in English.
How are you?
I don't know what
My name is

Question: 10/15Choose your answer!

How do you say "goodbye" in Italian?
Buenos noches

Question: 11/15Choose your answer!

"Faux Pas" is a French word for _______ ?
Social Blunder
Fake fur

Question: 12/15Choose your answer!

How do you say "Cheers!" in German?

Question: 13/15Choose your answer!

"Deja Vú" is French for what?
A fine wine
Feeling like you've experienced this situation before
A movie theater

Question: 14/15Choose your answer!

What does dopplegänger mean?
A twin, exact replica
An apple
A type of German pastry

Question: 15/15Choose your answer!

What does R.S.V.P. stand for?
Rabâcher S'alourdir Vacancier Paillard
Reach Soon, Very Please
Respondez s'il vous plait
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