*Baby Boomer Lingo* - [It's A Thing] How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

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 Mar 21, 2020
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Growing up you used these kinds of telephones:

Question: 2/25Choose Your Answer:

If someone were referring to a past President by "35", you know they're talking about _______.
Bill Clinton

Question: 3/25Choose Your Answer:

"Bread" was another term for what?

Question: 4/25Choose Your Answer:

This phrase was popularized by the show "The Waltons":
Looo-king Gooood!
Good night, John-boy
In Your Face!

Question: 5/25Choose Your Answer:

A "boob tube" is another word for a ______.
tube top

Question: 6/25Choose Your Answer:

Which of these might you refer to as "Smokey"?
A person from Canada
A police officer
A chef

Question: 7/25Choose Your Answer:

What is the name of the slang language that started with truck drivers and popularized through the US during the 70s & 80s?
AC Slang
TC Slang
CB slang

Question: 8/25Choose Your Answer:

When you are having a "gas," what are you having?
A headache
A tantrum

Question: 9/25Choose Your Answer:

If something is "bitchin,'"what is it?

Question: 10/25Choose Your Answer:

What does "boss" describe?
Something cool
Getting drunk
Something bad

Question: 11/25Choose Your Answer:

What does "catch some Z's" descibe?
Having a good time
Getting in trouble
Going to sleep

Question: 12/25Choose Your Answer:

What does it mean to be "decked out"?
Knocked unconsious
Dressed up

Question: 13/25Choose Your Answer:

Who were the Fab Four?
Led Zeppelin
The Beatles

Question: 14/25Choose Your Answer:

What does it mean to "crash"?
To get into an accident
To fight
To sleep

Question: 15/25Choose Your Answer:

"Giggle water" is another word for ______.
Sparkling water

Question: 16/25Choose Your Answer:

What does it mean to "pig out"?
Talk too much
Stay up too late
Eat too much

Question: 17/25Choose Your Answer:

What does it mean to ride "shotgun"?
To ride in the backseat
To be the driver
To be in the front passenger's seat

Question: 18/25Choose Your Answer:

What are "threads"?
Online conversations

Question: 19/25Choose Your Answer:

What's "moo juice"?

Question: 20/25Choose Your Answer:

What's it mean to be "blitzed"?

Question: 21/25Choose Your Answer:

What are you doing when you're "bookin'"?
Going really fast

Question: 22/25Choose Your Answer:

When someone says they're going to "lay it on you," what are they doing?
Telling you something
Kissing you
Punching you

Question: 23/25Choose Your Answer:

"Ain't that a bite" is equivalent to which phrase?
It's hot outside
That's spicy
That's too bad

Question: 24/25Choose Your Answer:

What's a "square"?
A cigarette
A person who is not cool
A dollar bill

Question: 25/25Choose Your Answer:

What does it mean to be "stood up"?
You're well respected by your peers
Someone supports you
Your date doesn't show up
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If you were born between the years 1946 to 1964, you are considered a "Baby Boomer." You were born in the generation that started life in the years right after soldiers returned home from WWII to restart their lives, and the economy boomed. You experienced the best of what America had to offer—homes were cheap, education was, in some cases, free or inexpensive, and jobs were plentiful. There was nothing you couldn't do, and you had all the resources to help you on your journey. From the civil rights movement to rock n' roll, you saw it all from the beginning. Yours was the first generation to have a real youth culture and a language that was separate from that of its parents. Even if you're not a Boomer, we'll wager a bet that you've heard, and at least used, some of these slang terms made FAMOUS by Boomers!

If you've ever used the words "book," "bail," or "bag" as verbs, said something was "a gas," "boss" or "groovy," or described yourself a "hacked," hip," or "sharp," chances are you are a Baby Boomer! If you are or know Boomer culture and language, you'll have no problem answering the eighteen questions asking what for the definitions of words on this easy and fun quiz!

Think you got what it takes? There's only one way to find out! Are you ready, dude? Put on your thinking cap and don't sweat it — we know you'll do a-ok! It's quizzin' time! Good luck!