Quiz: Can You Name All These 80s Movies By Just A 5-Word Plot Summary?

Are you an '80s fanatic?

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 Mar 28, 2020
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Question: 1/22Name The 80s Movie:

Pretended to be her boss.
Pretty In Pink
Working Girl

Question: 2/22Name The 80s Movie:

Kid lies to skip school.
Risky Business
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Ferris Buller's Day Off

Question: 3/22Name The 80s Movie:

Guys fight ghosts in city.
The Shining
Nightmare On Elm Street

Question: 4/22Name The 80s Movie:

Georgetown graduates' lives after college.
Real Genius
St. Elmo's Fire
Top Gun

Question: 5/22Name The 80s Movie:

Steel worker wants to dance.

Question: 6/22Name The 80s Movie:

Shy girl learns to dance.
Over the Edge
Dirty Dancing

Question: 7/22Name The 80s Movie:

Two geeks make a woman.
16 Candles
Weird Science
Real Genius

Question: 8/22Name The 80s Movie:

Five students meet in detention.
The Breakfast Club
Pretty In Pink
Fast TimesAt Ridgemont High

Question: 9/22Name The 80s Movie:

A family forgets girl's birthday.
The Last American Virgin
Stand By Me
Sixteen Candles

Question: 10/22Name The 80s Movie:

Alien wants to call home.
E.T.,The Extra-Terrestrial

Question: 11/22Name The 80s Movie:

Friends look for dead body.
Stand By Me
The Lost Boys

Question: 12/22Name The 80s Movie:

Attractive archeologist finds priceless artifacts.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Empire Strikes Back

Question: 13/22Name The 80s Movie:

Family forgets kid at home.
Mac and Me
Home Alone

Question: 14/22Name The 80s Movie:

Dudes time travel for grades.
Back To The Future
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Question: 15/22Name The 80s Movie:

Ghosts haunt family from television.
Ghost Story
Friday the 13th

Question: 16/22Name The 80s Movie:

Widow falls for younger brother.
Steel Magnolias
Working Girl

Question: 17/22Name The 80s Movie:

Tomboy loves her best friend.
Some Kind Of Wonderful
16 Candles
Pretty In Pink

Question: 18/22Name The 80s Movie:

Don't ever get them wet.

Question: 19/22Name The 80s Movie:

Dancing, music outlawed in town.
The Breakfast Club

Question: 20/22Name The 80s Movie:

Cyborg time travels to kill.
The Terminator
Short Circuit

Question: 21/22Name The 80s Movie:

Playing baseball in the country.
Field Of Dreams
Major League
Bull Durham

Question: 22/22Name The 80s Movie:

Brothers need money for orphanage.
The Blues Brothers
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Top Gun. The Empire Strikes Back. Sixteen Candles. Flashdance. Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The Breakfast Club. Dirty Dancing. A Christmas Story. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Ferris Bueller's Day Off—the list of 80s classics is a long one. And if you are an 80s fanatic, you've probably seen most of them! But do you think you would know the movie it was described in just five words? Take this quiz to find out!

Recently, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences asked its Twitter followers to describe the plot of their favorite movie using only five words, Boy, did they deliver! Now it's your turn! See if you can spot your favorite 80s films with our five-word clues. Believe us—it's harder than you think!

f you know the answers to any of these questions, then this quiz is just the quiz for you! Show how much you know about your favorite 80s classics and guess which movie ended with these 18 famous lines! So, sit back, relax, throw on your favorite 80s classics and flex your muscles to ace this difficult, but fun, quiz! And when you're done, check out more quizzes on Women.com tailored specifically to your tastes! From sewing to religion, from books to movies, and music to cars, we have a quiz for every subject you can think up! Are you ready to take a chance and see how well you do? Grab some popcorn, put on your thinking cap and let's go to the movies!