No One Actually Knows These 22 Political Words All Politicians Use. Do You?

Are you a political animal?

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 Sep 29, 2020
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What is a front burner?
A local politician
An issue that must be dealt with immediately
Something that is only addressed after an election

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If someone is a centrist where are they on the issues?

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What is a bleeding heart?
Someone who sympathizes with the downtrodden
A person who only votes in presidential elections
A staunch conservative

Question: 4/22Choose Your Answer:

What does a caucus describe?
A meeting of local party members to discuss candidates and choose delegates
A system of dividing power among the branches of government
A current officeholder

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What does an oligarchy describe?
No government
A small group of people in power
A large amount of people in power

Question: 6/22Choose Your Answer:

What does a platform describe?
The place where the president is inaugurated
The positions that a party adopts
A podium a candidate uses

Question: 7/22Choose Your Answer:

What does red tape describe?
Government paperwork and procedures that are slow and difficult
A type of voting machine
A streamlined government process

Question: 8/22Choose Your Answer:

To stump is to:
Swear in

Question: 9/22Choose Your Answer:

What is a liberal also called?
Right wing
Left wing

Question: 10/22Choose Your Answer:

What does GOP stand for?
Grand Old Party
Great Ordained Party
Gift Of Party

Question: 11/22Choose Your Answer:

What is a lobby?
A group seeking to influence an elected official
Current officeholders
Members of Senate

Question: 12/22Choose Your Answer:

What does grass roots describe?
Political activity around the world
Political activity that originates locally, or arises from ground level
Political activity from rural areas

Question: 13/22Choose Your Answer:

What is a filibuster?
A prolonged speech
A national meeting of a political party
An organized effort to win an election

Question: 14/22Choose Your Answer:

What does a dark horse describe?
A long shot candidate
A vocal candidate
A candidate who is certain to win

Question: 15/22Choose Your Answer:

What does bipartisan mean?
Both parties work together
One party works opposite the other
Two parties fighting an election

Question: 16/22Choose Your Answer:

What does gerrymandering describe?
The reorganization of voting districts by the party in power
Politics controlled by a tightly-run organization
Maintaining an area as one to ensure that both parties have a fair election

Question: 17/22Choose Your Answer:

A muckraker is:
A politician who is caught lying
A journalist who seeks out the scandalous activities of public officials
The president's press secretary

Question: 18/22Choose Your Answer:

What does pork barrel describe?
Using government funds for projects to please voters or legislators
Food stamps
An agriculture law

Question: 19/22Choose Your Answer:

Absentee voting is:
A way people can vote when they can't get to their polling place
Voting more than once for the same candidate
Forgetting to vote

Question: 20/22Choose Your Answer:

To have bias is to:
Have a fresh perspective
Discuss the issues with party members
Lean in favor of or against something or someone

Question: 21/22Choose Your Answer:

Who is the constituency?
All of the voters in a particular district
Members of the Senate
Members of the president's cabinet

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What does a landslide describe?
A large margin of defeat
A candidate who is overwhelmed with issues
Strong supporters of a candidate
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