Quiz: Only An 80s Kid Will Be Able To Get 100% On This Screenshot Quiz

Are you an 80s movie buff?

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 Dec 07, 2018
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Question: 1/20What movie is this?

The Breakfast Club
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Sixteen Candles

Question: 2/20What movie is this?

The Breakfast Club
Pretty In Pink
St. Elmo's Fire

Question: 3/20What movie is this?


Question: 4/20What movie is this?

beverly hills cop
Coming To America
Beverly Hills Cop
Trading Places

Question: 5/20What movie is this?

An Officer and a Gentleman, movies/tv
An Officer And A Gentleman
Full Metal Jacket

Question: 6/20What movie is this?

Indiana Jones, 90s movies, harrison ford, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
The Mosquito Coast

Question: 7/20What movie is this?

star wars, movies/tv
The Force Awakens
The Empire Strikes Back
Return Of The Jedi

Question: 8/20What movie is this?

movies, Pretty in Pink, 1986
Paramount Pictures
The Breakfast Club
Pretty In Pink
Sixteen Candles

Question: 9/20What movie is this?

Orion Pictures
Apocalypse Now
Born On The Fourth Of July

Question: 10/20What movie is this?

Field of Dreams, ghost
Warner Bros.
Field Of Dreams
Bull Durham
Major League

Question: 11/20What movie is this?

Goodfellas, movies/tv
Warner Bros
Married To the Mob
My Cousin Vinny

Question: 12/20What movie is this?

Paramount Pictures
Better Off Dead
Risky Business
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Question: 13/20What movie is this?

The Neverending Story
Electric Dreams

Question: 14/20What movie is this?

Warner Bros.
Fright Night
Near Dark
The Lost Boys

Question: 15/20What movie is this?

Orion Pictures
River's Edge
Stand By Me
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Question: 16/20What movie is this?


Question: 17/20What movie is this?

Dirty Dancing

Question: 18/20What movie is this?

Fatal Attraction
Paramount Pictures
The Big Chill
Dangerous Liaisons
Fatal Attraction

Question: 19/20What movie is this?

Full Metal Jacket
Apocalypse Now

Question: 20/20What movie is this?

The Sure Thing
The Last American Virgin
Say Anything
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