George Washington, Is That You?! This US History Test Is Revolutionary!

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 Sep 16, 2018
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Which was NOT a weapon used in the Revolution?
Tear gas

Question: 2/18Choose Your Answer:

What battle started the war?
Lexington and Concord
Battle of the Bulge

Question: 3/18Choose Your Answer:

What year did the Revolutionary War start?

Question: 4/18Choose Your Answer:

Who were the Colonists fighting in the Revolution?
The French
The British
The Swiss

Question: 5/18Choose Your Answer:

How many American colonies went to war with England?

Question: 6/18Choose Your Answer:

What was the first capital of the United States?
New York City
Washington, D.C.

Question: 7/18Choose Your Answer:

What group of people landed at Plymouth Rock?

Question: 8/18Choose Your Answer:

Which colony did Benjamin Franklin represent?
Rhode Island

Question: 9/18Choose Your Answer:

Which American colony was founded as a refuge for Catholics?
New York

Question: 10/18Choose Your Answer:

Who was the first president to live in the White House?
John Adams
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson

Question: 11/18Choose Your Answer:

What is the name of the first American Constitution?
The Bill of Rights
The Articles of Confederation
The Declaration of Independence

Question: 12/18Choose Your Answer:

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
George Washington
Paul Revere
Thomas Jefferson

Question: 13/18Choose Your Answer:

What was the name of the first First Lady?
Dolly Madison
Martha Washington
Betsy Ross

Question: 14/18Choose Your Answer:

Which was the first American state to ratify the Constitution?
New York

Question: 15/18Choose Your Answer:

Where did the Tea Party protest occur?
New York City

Question: 16/18Choose Your Answer:

What were the British soldiers in the Revolutionary War called?

Question: 17/18Choose Your Answer:

Which president the Louisiana Territory from France?
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington

Question: 18/18Choose Your Answer:

Which president had a home called The Hermitage?
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
George Washington
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In almost 250 years, the United States of America has seen a lot of change—some for better, and some for worse. We don't know where America's headed, but one thing we do know for sure, judging by what the Founding Fathers left as a legacy, no matter what happens, America will always bounce back and be the country they intended it to be. If you think you know a LOT about the early days of the United States, sit back, relax, put on your thinking cap and take this quiz to see if you have what it takes to be a proud American Revolutionary.

Are you American as apple pie? Do you love the history of this amazing country? Are you an American Revolution buff who's obsessed with the battles, events, and people who shaped this country in its early days? Do you know who the Founding Fathers were and how early American government was formed? Do you know the about protests, marches, and meetings that led to the Colonies wanting their freedom? Do you know the battles fought and waged in the name of Democracy? Do you know the countries that helped and those that were adversaries? Can you name the men and women who came together to declare their independence and form a nation in the wild, virtually uncharted New World? If you said "yes" to any of the above, you should be able to answer these difficult questions how the good old US of A came to be, and give three cheers for the red, white and blue!