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 Apr 01, 2020
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Question: 1/24Choose Your Answer!

Meredith detects which of these illnesses in her community service supervisor?
The flu
An aneurysm

Question: 2/24Choose Your Answer!

Who is the father of Amelia’s baby?

Question: 3/24Choose Your Answer!

Katherine assigns ____ to be the Chief Medical Officer of the Fox Foundation after Meredith's insurance scandal.

Question: 4/24Choose Your Answer!

What does Koracick do after Owen accidentally tases him?
He quits his job
He runs away and cries
He files a restraining order

Question: 5/24Choose Your Answer!

What is the name of Teddy and Owen’s daughter?

Question: 6/24Choose Your Answer!

Richard's old friend ___ makes Katherine really jealous.

Question: 7/24Choose Your Answer!

What causes a fight between Dr. Koracick and Jackson?
Koracick kisses Maggie
Koracick performs surgery on a patient for free in exchange for good press
Koracick tries to steal Vic away from Jackson

Question: 8/24Choose Your Answer!

Meredith tells the world about the dark side of the healthcare system by:
Starting a podcast
Going on a strike
Writing an article

Question: 9/24Choose Your Answer!

What causes Meredith to skip out on her court date after missing too much community service?
Zola needing surgery to repair her spina bifida shunt
Alex was crying and in need of a friend
Amelia needed help with her baby

Question: 10/24Choose Your Answer!

Maggie's cousin _____ had a tumor on her heart.

Question: 11/24Choose Your Answer!

What does Meredith realize about one of her judges at her hearing?
He used to be one of her patients
He was the doctor that refused to give Derek the head CT
She used to have a romantic relationship with him in med school

Question: 12/24Choose Your Answer!

After the Board decides Meredith can keep her medical license, Bailey:
Leaves and never comes back
Slaps Meredith
Offers Meredith her job back at Grey-Sloan Memorial

Question: 13/24Choose Your Answer!

Alex helps Meredith at her trial by:
He actually does nothing
Bringing patients Meredith has saved and testifying to her skill
Paying off the Board to let her keep her medical license

Question: 14/24Choose Your Answer!

Dr. _____ told Bailey about Meredith’s insurance fraud.

Question: 15/24Choose Your Answer!

What “gift” does Cristina send Meredith for getting to keep her medical license?
A handsome doctor named Cormac Hayes aka “McWidow”
A puppy
A special surgery

Question: 16/24Choose Your Answer!

How did Dr. Hayes’ wife die?
Drug overdose
A car accident

Question: 17/24Choose Your Answer!

While some of the doctors are out drinking at Joe’s bar, tragedy strikes when:
A car crashes into the building
There’s a hurricane
There’s a power outage

Question: 18/24Choose Your Answer!

Why are Meredith and Carina worried about Dr. DeLuca?
He hasn’t shown up for work
He’s been in a car accident
They think he might be bipolar like his father

Question: 19/24Choose Your Answer!

What does Schmidt find out about his dying uncle?
He was not really his uncle
He hated sports
He was a closeted gay man

Question: 20/24Choose Your Answer!

What’s the name of the foster kid that Bailey brings home to live with her and Ben?

Question: 21/24Choose Your Answer!

Why does Alex leave Seattle?
He found out that Izzie had his kids and moved to help raise them
He always hated the rain
He lost his job after wrongfully diagnosing a patient

Question: 22/24Choose Your Answer!

Who did Alex write “goodbye” letters to?
Jackson, Link, and Teddy
Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie
Meredith, Jo, Bailey, and Richard

Question: 23/24Choose Your Answer!

What happens to Richard while he’s on stage presenting his research?
He becomes disoriented, causing Maggie to believe he had a stroke
He pulls Maggie on stage to help him present his research
He tells everyone that he’s getting divorced

Question: 24/24Choose Your Answer!

To get back at Richard after their fight, Katherine:
Buys PacNorth Hospital
Refuses to cook him dinner
Prevents him from being a doctor
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