Quiz: Most Fans Can't Score Over 80% On This "Grease" Quiz. Can You?

"Oh, oh the summer nights!"

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 May 21, 2019
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Question: 1/20Pick Your Answer!

Where did Danny and Sandy first meet?
At school
At the beach
At a party

Question: 2/20Pick Your Answer!

Where was Sandy supposed to be moving to at the end of summer?
New York

Question: 3/20Pick Your Answer!

What's the name of the high school?
Roswell High
Rydell High
Randel High

Question: 4/20Pick Your Answer!

Who helps Sandy with her makeover?

Question: 5/20Pick Your Answer!

Danny and his friends are known as:
The Pink Dudes
The T-Birds
The Scorpions

Question: 6/20Pick Your Answer!

What is the title of Rizzo's solo song?
“I Could Hurt Someone Like Me”
“There Are Worse Things I Could Do”
“Go With a Boy”

Question: 7/20Pick Your Answer!

Which member of the T-Birds ends up racing at the end?

Question: 8/20Pick Your Answer!

Where do Danny and Sandy get in a fight?
An Italian restaurant
The Drive-In
The malt shop

Question: 9/20Pick Your Answer!

Who ends up winning the dance contest?
Rizzo and Kenickie
Danny and Sandy
Danny and Cha Cha

Question: 10/20Pick Your Answer!

What television program is broadcasting the school dance?
National Bandstand
National Dance-Off
National Boogie

Question: 11/20Pick Your Answer!

Which character is NOT a member of the T-Birds?

Question: 12/20Pick Your Answer!

Why did Frenchy quit beauty school?
She wanted a career in tech
She accidentally dyed her hair pink
She got kicked out

Question: 13/20Pick Your Answer!

Who sings "Beauty School Drop Out" to Frenchy?
Frank Sinatra
Frankie Avalon
Elvis Presley

Question: 14/20Pick Your Answer!

What's the name of the local malt shop?
Ma & Pa’s Soda Shop
Frosty’s Palace
Lori’s Diner

Question: 15/20Pick Your Answer!

Finish the lyric: "Look at me I'm ______."
lousy with virginity
Sandra Dee

Question: 16/20Pick Your Answer!

Finish the lyric: "It turned colder, that's where it ends, so I told her, ______"
This is the end
The future depends
We’d still be friends

Question: 17/20Pick Your Answer!

How many Pink Ladies are there (not including Sandy)?

Question: 18/20Pick Your Answer!

When Sandy transforms into Danny's fantasy girl, what's the first thing she says to him?
“Tell me about it, Stud.”
“Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee.”
“Peachy keen, jellybean.”

Question: 19/20Pick Your Answer!

Finish the lyric: "I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm _____"
It’s electrifyin’
Shapin’ up
Losin’ control

Question: 20/20Pick Your Answer!

What is the final song in the movie?
"You're the One That I Want"
“Greased Lightning”
“We Go Together”
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"Grease" is the story of good girl, Sandy and bad boy, Danny who fell in love over the summer before their senior year of high school. The two unexpectedly meet again when they discover that they are both attending the same school. This 1978 movie is considered one of the best movie musicals of all times with iconic performances by John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing and Jeff Conway as well as unforgettable songs including Summer Lovin', Beauty School Drop Out and Greased Lightening. "Grease" earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Music, Original Score by John Farrar and was nominated various Golden Globe awards.