Quiz: Can You Answer 16 Questions Every Dirty Dancing Fan Should Know?

"Nobody puts baby in the corner."

Dirty Dancing, Penny, Cynthia Rhodes, Dr. Jake Houseman (Jerry Orbach)
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 May 07, 2022
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Question: 1/16Pick the correct answer!

Where is Baby vacationing with her family?
A hotel in Miami
A resort in New York
The Hamptons

Question: 2/16Pick the correct answer!

Baby encounters Johnny's cousin and helps him carry what fruit?

Question: 3/16Pick the correct answer!

What are Baby's college plans?
To attend college to study cosmetology
Not to attend college, against her parents' wishes
To study economics in underdeveloped countries and join the Peace Corps

Question: 4/16Pick the correct answer!

How many siblings does Baby have?

Question: 5/16Pick the correct answer!

Baby lies to get money from her father in order to __________.
pay Johnny's rent
pay for an illegal abortion
buy a new outfit to impress Johnny

Question: 6/16Pick the correct answer!

"Nobody puts baby __________."
in the spotlight
in a corner
in the shadows

Question: 7/16Pick the correct answer!

What is Baby's real name?

Question: 8/16Pick the correct answer!

What is the most difficult part of Johnny's and Baby's dance routine?
they don't have any difficulties
the lift
the dip

Question: 9/16Pick the correct answer!

"Look, ___. This is my ____." - Johnny
silly girl, bedroom
spaghetti arms, dance space
Baby, personal space

Question: 10/16Pick the correct answer!

What was the name of Johnny's cousin in the film?

Question: 11/16Pick the correct answer!

What is the name of Johnny's dance partner?

Question: 12/16Pick the correct answer!

What was the color of Baby's dress that she wore to the Sheldrake?

Question: 13/16Pick the correct answer!

Who actually stole a resort guest's wallet?
Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher

Question: 14/16Pick the correct answer!

"I'm scared of ____ and never_____ the rest of my whole life ____."
leaving Kellermans, seeing you, ever again
walking out of this room, feeling, the way I feel when I’m with you
dancing badly, getting it right, and I’ll regret it forever

Question: 15/16Pick the correct answer!

What song do Baby and Johnny normally dance to at the Sheldrake?
"De Todo Un Poco"
"La Bamba"
"La Linda Chiquita"

Question: 16/16Pick the correct answer!

What song does Baby finally land the lift to?
"De Todo Un Poco"
"(I've Had) The Time of My Life"
"Hungry Eyes"
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