disney Quizzes

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Aladdin"?
May 24
Quiz: Only A Child At Heart Can Name These 25 Disney Characters
May 23
Quiz: Can You Find Your Way Through This “Alice in Wonderland” Quiz?
May 18
Quiz: Name These Disney Movies From Their 45 Minute Mark!
May 09
Quiz:Only 1 in 50 Disney Fans Can Name Every Single One Of These Characters
May 07
Quiz: Only A True "Hercules" Fan Can Get 10/10 On This Lyrics Quiz
May 01
Quiz: What Is Your Disney Princess IQ?
Apr 26
Quiz: 80% Of People Can't Pass This Disney Memory Test. Can You?
Apr 26
Quiz: Only A TRUE 90s Kid Will Be Able To Pass This Disney Quiz. Can You?
Apr 26
Quiz: Which Disney Villain Would Be Your Archrival?
Apr 24
Disney Trivia: The Happiest Quiz On Earth!
Apr 24
Only 25% Of Disney Fans Can Match ALL Of These Quotes To The Right Prince
Apr 23
Answer These Magical Qs & We'll Tell You Which Disney Character You Are
Apr 23
Quiz: Can You Guess The Disney Movie From The Opening Credits ?
Apr 21
Disney Quiz: Which Disney Family Is Your Family?
Apr 21
Quiz: Most Fans Can't Remember How These Disney Villains Were Defeated
Apr 16
Sleeping Beauty Quiz: Are You More Like Flora, Fauna or Merryweather?
Apr 16
If You're Not A Disney Expert, You Won't Be Able To Pass This Trivia Quiz
Apr 16
Quiz: Only Someone Completely Mad Can Pass This "Alice In Wonderland" Quiz
Apr 09
Quiz: Can You Match All Of These Disney Kids To The Movie?
Apr 03
Quiz: Guess the Disney Movie From the Quote
Mar 30
Disney Quiz: Which Disney Dog Matches Your Personality?
Mar 19
Quiz: Only A True "Peter Pan" Fan Will Ace This Word Association Test
Mar 11
Quiz: How Well Do You Know "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"?
Mar 07
Quiz: Can You Match Every One Of These Disney Characters To The Movie?
Mar 05
Disney Quiz: Are You More Princess Or Villain?
Feb 26
Quiz: Think You Can Ace This Ultimate Disney Trivia Challenge?
Feb 26
Quiz: We Bet You Can't Match Every Disney Princess To Their Castle!
Feb 26
Disney Quiz: Can You Recognize The Disney Prince From Their Eyes?
Feb 26
Quiz: Which Disney Princess Is Missing From These Iconic Scenes?
Feb 19
Disney Quiz: What % Disney Princess Are You?
Feb 19
Less Than 18% Of Disney Fans Can Name All These Sidekicks By One Quote
Feb 10
Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Alice in Wonderland"?
Feb 04
Lion King Quiz: Do You Know The Words To "I Just Can't Wait To Be King"?
Jan 30
Quiz: Which Disney Hero And Sidekick Are You And Your BFF?
Jan 22
Quiz Where Should You Live Based On Your Fave Disney Princess?
Jan 21