harry potter Quizzes

Hogwarts Quiz: Are You More Like A Potter Or A Malfoy?
Feb 16
Quiz: Only 6% Of Potterheads Can Recognize These Characters!
Feb 05
Quiz: Can You Recognize These Harry Potter Characters By Their Backs?
Feb 05
Harry Potter Quiz: Only 1 In 50 Potterheads Remember These Family Trees!
Feb 05
If You're Not A Slytherin, There's No Way You Can Pass This Hogwarts Quiz
Feb 02
Harry Potter Quiz: How Well Do You Know Hogwarts Castle?
Jan 29
Only 18% Of Potterheads Can Pass This Deathly Hallows Movie Quiz. Can You?
Jan 24
Hogwarts Quiz: How Long Would You Last In The Tri-Wizard Tournament?
Jan 19
Harry Potter Quiz: Are You More Dumbledore Or Voldemort?
Jan 16
Quiz: Can You Guess These HP Characters From Just 3 Hints?
Jan 16
Harry Potter Quiz: Who Said It? Edition
Jan 16
Quiz: Only A True Harry Potter Fan Can Get 50/50 On This Ultimate Challenge
Jan 13
Quiz: Can You Actually Name Every Single "Harry Potter" Character?
Jan 12
Hogwarts Quiz: Everyone Has A Hermione Quote To Live By. What's Yours?
Jan 08
We Bet You Can't Name ALL Of These HP Characters By Just Their Mouths
Jan 08
Harry Potter Quiz: Who Would Be Your Boyfriend If You Went To Hogwarts?
Jan 06
Hogwarts Quiz: How Compatible Are You And Harry Potter?
Jan 05
Quiz: Prove You're A True Potterhead By Naming The Film By One Screenshot
Jan 05
Quiz: Only 2% Of Harry Potter Fans Know These Iconic Characters. Do You?
Jan 05
Hogwarts Quiz: Which Weasley Is Your Soulmate?
Jan 05
Quiz: Everyone Is A Combo Of Two Hogwarts Houses. Which Are You?
Jan 04
Quiz: Only A Wizard Can Name All 99 Of These Harry Potter Characters
Jan 02
Quiz: Only The Boy Who Lived Would Ace This HP Quiz
Jan 02
Who Said It: Harry Potter Or Ron Weasley?
Dec 19
Hogwarts Quiz: What % Sybill Trelawney Are You?
Dec 13
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Neville Longbottom?
Dec 12
Harry Potter Quiz: Which Magic Wand Would Choose You?
Dec 10
Quiz: Can You Match All Of These Events To The Correct Harry Potter Movie?
Dec 10
Hogwarts Quiz: Which HP Character Is Your Long Lost Twin?
Dec 08
You Are A TRUE Potterhead If You Can Get 15/20 On This Quiz. Can You Pass?
Dec 06
Hogwarts Quiz: You'll Only Pass Your O.W.L.'s If You Love Harry Potter
Dec 05
Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know The Weasley Family?
Dec 03
Quiz: Only A True Harry Potter Fan Can Pass This 22 Question Spelling Test
Nov 25
Only 15% Of HP Fans Can Match All These Wands To The Right Wizards
Nov 24
Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Harry Potter Questions Every Muggle Should Know?
Nov 23
Hogwarts Quiz: What % Moaning Myrtle Are You?
Nov 20