history Quizzes

Quiz: Can You Assign These Significant Historical Events To Their Decade?
Jul 24
Quiz: Only A History Scholar Will Score 16/18 On This Test. Can You?
Jul 23
History Quiz: Southern Edition! Are Y'all Ready To Test Your Knowledge?
Jul 23
Can You Actually Pass This ULTIMATE 20th Century American History Quiz?
Jul 20
Quiz: You'd Need A PhD To Ace This Difficult History Quiz
Jul 15
Quiz: Only Someone With An IQ Of 130+ Can Ace This WWII Test. Can You?
Jul 12
18 Impossible Questions For Anyone Who Loves US History. Can You Pass?
Jul 07
Quiz: Can You Beat The Record On This History Quiz? No One Has Gotten 80%
Jul 06
No American Can Answer All Of These European History Qs Correctly. Can You?
Jul 03
Quiz: Bet You Can't Name Every One Of These Vintage Objects. Can You?
Jul 01
Quiz: If You Can Name All 50 Of These Women In 3 Min, You've Got A 150 IQ
Jun 30
Quiz: Make Your History Teacher Proud By Acing This Tricky US History Test
Jun 28
Only Historians Can Pass This Ultimate "This Day In History" Test. Can You?
Jun 27
Quiz: This History Quiz Is So Hard No One Can Finish It. Can You?
Jun 24
World History Quiz: Dictators & Demagogues Edition! 90% Fail.
Jun 22
Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About The History of Juneteenth?
Jun 19
Quiz: No Math & Science Major Will Be Able To Pass This Humanities Test
Jun 14
Quiz: Only A Historian Could Pass This Historic Terminology Test. Can You?
Jun 13
How Groundbreaking Are You? Can You Remember Past Battles From History?
Jun 10
Quiz: Can You Pass This History Test Designed For A PhD Student?
Jun 10
How Cultured Are You? Can You Name Every One Of These Historical Artifacts?
Jun 05
Only Someone With An IQ of 140+ Can Pass This High School US History Test
Jun 03
No American Has Aced This Civil War Era Quiz On Their First Try. Can You?
Jun 01
Think You Know US History? Try Passing This Quiz That 86% Of People Fail
May 30
Can You Beat Your High School History Teacher On This Historical Quiz?
May 27
Only People With PhDs Can Get 100% On This Ultimate History Quiz. Can You?
May 23
Quiz: Less Than 4% Of Americans Will Pass This Obscure History Test
May 20
Quiz: Can You Identify The Historical Figure By A Vague Description?
May 18
Baby Boomers: Can You Name The Most Influential People Of Your Generation?
May 16
Quiz: Could You Pass High School History RIGHT NOW
May 15
Quiz: Only 1 in 49 People Can Pass This New England History Test. Can You?
May 13
Fill In The Blanks: American History Edition! Can You Get 100%?
May 13
Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Know The Meaning Of These 16 Old-Fashioned Words
May 09
Quiz: Most Adults Haven't Scored 15/20 On This History Test. Can You?
May 03
This U.S. History Quiz Is Driving The Internet Crazy - Nobody Can Get 100%
Apr 26
Quiz: 90% Of Americans Can't Even Answer These 22 Questions About The US
Apr 25