history Quizzes

Jeopardy Quiz: History Edition! Barely Anyone Can Score Above 75%
Aug 28
History Quiz: American Revolution Edition! Can You Score Above 75%?
Aug 23
Quiz: Can You Identify All 16 Of These Historical Foods?
Aug 22
Quiz: Can You Match These Influential Figures to Their Accomplishments
Aug 22
History Quiz: Renaissance Edition! Barely Anyone Can Score Above 75%
Aug 19
Quiz: This Ancient History Test Is for Avid History Buffs ONLY!
Aug 11
This Is The Hardest Women's History Quiz You'll Ever Take. Can You Pass?
Aug 11
Quiz: Most Parents Will Fail This High School History Test. Will You?
Aug 06
Quiz: Can You Match All These Historical Figures to Their Accomplishments?
Aug 03
If You Can Ace This History Quiz, You’re Smarter Than 99% Of The Population
Aug 02
Quiz: There’s No Excuse For Scoring Less Than 80% On This U.S. History Test
Jul 23
Quiz: Only A History Scholar Will Score 16/18 On This Test. Can You?
Jul 23
History Quiz: Southern Edition! Are Y'all Ready To Test Your Knowledge?
Jul 23
History Quiz: New England Edition! Barely Anyone Can Score Above 75%
Jul 19
Are Your American Roots Deep Enough To Score You 100% On This USA Quiz?
Jul 16
Only Americans With A 150+ IQ Can Devour This History Test. Can You?
Jul 16
We Gave This USA Trivia Quiz To 50 Americans & Only 4 Passed. Can You?
Jul 15
Quiz: You'd Need A PhD To Ace This Difficult History Quiz
Jul 15
Only College Grads Know All The Answers In This US History Quiz. Do You?
Jul 14
Quiz: Only 1 In 50 People Can Get 100% On This Politics Test. Can You?
Jul 04
Quiz: This History Quiz Is So Hard No One Can Finish It. Can You?
Jun 24
World History Quiz: Dictators & Demagogues Edition! 90% Fail.
Jun 22
Quiz: 22 Facts Only Revered Historians Would Know. Do You?
Jun 20
Juneteenth Quiz: How Much Do You Know About African-American History?
Jun 17
Quiz: Less Than 10% Of Americans Can Pass This Ronald Reagan Quiz. Can You?
Jun 13
History Quiz: Italian Edition! Can YOU Score Over 80%?
Jun 12
World History Quiz: Royalty Edition! 90% Of Americans Fail
Jun 11
How Groundbreaking Are You? Can You Remember Past Battles From History?
Jun 10
History Quiz: Medieval Edition! 92% Of Americans Fail
Jun 09
Quiz: Only 1 In 50 Americans Will Be Able To Pass This JFK Quiz. Can You?
Jun 05
Only Europeans Can Pass This European History Quiz. Prove Us Wrong?
Jun 05
Quiz: Bet You Can't Name Every One Of These Vintage Objects. Can You?
Jun 01
Quiz: Can You Pass This 70s Modern History Test? Most Won’t Score Over 40%
May 29
Quiz: How Much Useless History Knowledge Do You Actually Have?
May 28
Quiz: Only A Historical Scholar Will Get Above 60% On This Test
May 27
No American Has Aced This Colonial Quiz On Their First Try. Can You?
May 27