presidents Quizzes

Quiz: Name As Many Of These Presidents As You Can. No Cheating!
Feb 21
Quiz: Do You Actually Know The First Names Of Every Single U.S. President?
Jan 20
Quiz: Can You Identify The Historical Figure By A Vague Description?
May 18
Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Presidents By Just One Accomplishment?
Oct 13
Quiz: Can You Identify These Presidents By Their VP?
Oct 04
IQ Test: Presidential Edition! How Many U.S. Presidents Do You Know?
Aug 28
Quiz: Can You Name The US President By One Sentence From His Wikipedia?
Jul 14
Quiz: How Many US Presidents Can You Name? Most People Won't Score Over 40%
May 16
Quiz: Only 5% Of Americans Remember These 20 President's Political Parties
Mar 26
Quiz: Could You Pass A 6th Grade Presidents Test RIGHT NOW?
Nov 28
Quiz: Can You Match The U.S. Presidents To Their Accomplishments?
Oct 13
Quiz: If You Can Get 20/20 On This America Quiz, You Should Be President
Sep 15
Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Name All Of These Presidents In 90 Seconds
Jul 01
Quiz: Can You Beat This Mildly Stressful History Test?
May 26
Quiz: Can You Identify The U.S. President Based On Just 3 Clues?
Apr 16
Quiz: Who Said It? Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump
Nov 06
Quiz: Can You Name The U.S. President By Only One Image?
Sep 30
Quiz: Can You Name The Most Recognized Presidents By One Image?
Jul 04
Quiz: Which President Would Have Been Your High School Sweetheart?
Feb 19
Quiz: Which FLOTUS Are You According to Your Personality?
Feb 18
Quiz: Can You Put These Presidents In the Right Order?
Feb 16