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 Sep 02, 2021
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Question: 1/20Pick One:

Burt Reynolds starred as a truck driver in what classic movie?
Smokey and the Bandit
Bad News Bears

Question: 2/20Pick One:

President Nixon resigned due to what scandal?

Question: 3/20Pick One:

Who was the famous labor leader who went missing in 1975?
Jimmy Hoffa
James Kirk
Robert DeNiro

Question: 4/20Pick One:

Francis Ford Coppola released what classic mafia film in 1972?
The Godfather

Question: 5/20Pick One:

The first ever Gay Pride Parade was held in 1970 in honor of ________.
John Wayne's birthday
The Stonewall Riots
The election of Richard Nixon

Question: 6/20Pick One:

In 1975, Bill Gates founded what company?

Question: 7/20Pick One:

In the middle of the 1970s, the "shark movie" was released. What was it called?
The Whistler
Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Question: 8/20Pick One:

In 1977, "The King" died. What was his name?
Elvis Presley
Giorgio Tsoukalos
Henry Saxon-Gurtha Windsor VIII

Question: 9/20Pick One:

Donna ______ was known as the Queen of Disco during the 1970s.

Question: 10/20Pick One:

Cher starred in a comedy TV-show with her husband ______.
Sydney Gottlieb
Sid Ramsey
Sonny Bono

Question: 11/20Pick One:

Prior to being elected president, Jimmy Carter was a ________.
TV gameshow host
Used car salesman
Peanut farmer

Question: 12/20Pick One:

The Watergate White House informant adopted a nicknamed based on what porn film?
Deep Throat
Debby Does Dallas
Down Bad Tonight

Question: 13/20Pick One:

In 1973, the US Supreme Court legalized abortion in the case _______.
Brown v. Board of Ed
Roe v. Wade
Trial of Lizzie Borden

Question: 14/20Pick One:

What was the popular 70s hairstyle named after one of the Charlie's Angels?
The Rachel
The Farrah

Question: 15/20Pick One:

The movie Saturday Night Fever is about what genre of music popular in the 1970s?
Hip hop
Classic rock

Question: 16/20Pick One:

__________ opened in 1971, changing the state of Florida forever.
Port of Miami
The Cool Zone

Question: 17/20Pick One:

In 1971, the first ever successful video game was released. What was it called?
Mortal Kombat
Super Mario Bros.

Question: 18/20Pick One:

In 1972, David Bowie introduced his famous alter ego ________.
David Bowtie
The Mad Hatter
Ziggy Stardust

Question: 19/20Pick One:

In 1971, Stanley Kubrick directed what notorious movie?
A Clockwork Orange
Maid in Manhattan
Deep Throat

Question: 20/20Pick One:

In 1975, Bruce Springsteen's classic album ________ was released.
Born to Run
Born to Sing
Born to Dance
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