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 May 26, 2021
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Question: 1/21Choose Your Answer:

Sweet Child O'Mine is a song by ___.
Guns N' Roses
Bonnie Tyler

Question: 2/21Choose Your Answer:

Who directed The Breakfast Club?
Quentin Tarantino
David Lynch
John Hughes

Question: 3/21Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following was NOT a fashion trend in the 80s?
Big hair

Question: 4/21Choose Your Answer:

Like Jerry Seinfeld, Nancy Reagan was known for her ___.
Observational stand-up comedy
Puffy shirts
Hit TV show

Question: 5/21Choose Your Answer:

What was the name of the small red-haired doll named after a dessert?
Raspberry Cream Claire
Strawberry Shortcake
Apple Pie Patty

Question: 6/21Choose Your Answer:

What team was Mr. T on?
The T-Team
The A-Team
The B-Team

Question: 7/21Choose Your Answer:

What was the favorite rhyming wrist accessory of the 1980s?
Caravan Hairbands
Swatch Watches
Clacelet Bracelets

Question: 8/21Choose Your Answer:

The movie "The Lost Boys" is about ___.

Question: 9/21Choose Your Answer:

One of Wham!'s best songs is Wake Me Up Before You ___.
Close the Door

Question: 10/21Choose Your Answer:

In the 1980s, jeans were usually ____.
Acid washed

Question: 11/21Choose Your Answer:

Which popular 80s toys spawned multiple movies and TV shows based on the malleable robots turned vehicles?
Change Em Ups

Question: 12/21Choose Your Answer:

Cyndi Lauper sang Girls Just Want to ____.
Have fun

Question: 13/21Choose Your Answer:

___ starred in Beverly Hills Cop.
Clint Eastwood
Eddie Murphy
Jackie Chan

Question: 14/21Choose Your Answer:

Women's blazers in the 80s usually had ___.
Six pockets
Shoulder pads
Breakaway sleeves

Question: 15/21Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following actors did NOT star in Cheers?
George Wendt
Nicholas Cage
Ted Danson

Question: 16/21Choose Your Answer:

Rainbow Brite's unicorn was named ___.
Space Unicorn
Black Beauty

Question: 17/21Choose Your Answer:

Who sang I Wanna Dance with Somebody?
Whitney Houston
Bon Jovi

Question: 18/21Choose Your Answer:

What's the name of the first Indiana Jones movie?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Temple of Doom
Raiding the Temple of Lost Arks

Question: 19/21Choose Your Answer:

What dolls caused riots in stores during the 1980s?
Pokemon Dolls
Cabbage Patch Kids

Question: 20/21Choose Your Answer:

This jacket is for ___.
Members Only
Teachers Only
Employees Only

Question: 21/21Choose Your Answer:

Who's the villain of Nightmare on Elm Street?
Freddy Krueger
Jason Vorhees
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