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 Sep 25, 2021
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Question: 1/18Pick One:

What is the peninsula called that includes Spain and Portugal?
Iberian Peninsula
Cape May

Question: 2/18Pick One:

Which of the following is NOT one of Saturn's moons?

Question: 3/18Pick One:

What sport is ranked the most popular in the U.S.?

Question: 4/18Pick One:

Which of the following is not a city in Florida?

Question: 5/18Pick One:

Madeleine Albright was Bill Clinton's ___.
Vice President
Secretary of State
First wife

Question: 6/18Pick One:

Emma Roberts starred in the television show ___.
American Horror Story

Question: 7/18Pick One:

In the movie Cinderella, what are the name of her two mice?
Jaq and Gus
Frank and Todd
Brace and Ham

Question: 8/18Pick One:

Which US president was one of the "Rough Riders"?
Jimmy Carter
Theodore Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan

Question: 9/18Pick One:

Who starred in the TV show The Joy of Painting?
Ringo Starr
Salvador Dali
Bob Ross

Question: 10/18Pick One:

What is the branch of medicine that deals with digestive systems?

Question: 11/18Pick One:

Samuel L. Jackson did not appear in which of the following movies?
Blue Valentine
The Avengers
Pulp Fiction

Question: 12/18Pick One:

What war supposedly involved an army hiding inside a wooden horse?
Vietnam War
Spartacus War
Trojan War

Question: 13/18Pick One:

Before his death, who did George Washington write his last letter to?
Alexander Hamilton
King George
Martha Washington

Question: 14/18Pick One:

Before the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro was scouted by ___.

Question: 15/18Pick One:

Who is the actor who famously played Tony Soprano?
James Gandolfini
Jay Leno
Steve Buscemi

Question: 16/18Pick One:

___ is the newest branch of the US military.
The Navy
The Space Force
The Air Force

Question: 17/18Pick One:

Which of the following is a Taylor Swift album?

Question: 18/18Pick One:

Elvis Presley's home is nicknamed ___.
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