Sorry, Only Baby Boomers Will Be Able To Recall These 18 Iconic Shows

Can you recall these iconic television shows?

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taxi via Paramount Domestic Television/I dream of jeannie via Sony Pictures
 Apr 01, 2021
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Question: 1/20In I Love Lucy, Lucy's best friend and neighbor is named ______.

Lucy and Ethel standing together talking.
I Love Lucy via CBS Television Distribution

Question: 2/20Which of the following was NOT an original cast member of SNL?

The original cast of Saturday Night Live sitting together for a group photo.
Saturday Night Live via NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Chevy Chase
Eddie Murphy
John Belushi

Question: 3/20The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson coined which iconic phrase?

Johnny Carson sitting behind his desk with two guests.
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson via Carson Entertainment Group
Here's Johnny!
Goodnight and good luck!
And that's the news!

Question: 4/20Which band had their live American TV debut on The Ed Sullivan Show?

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The Ed Sullivan Show via CBS Television Distribution
The Grateful Dead
The Beatles
Van Halen

Question: 5/20The main character in All in the Family was named _______.

Archie and Edith Bunker sitting behind the piano.
All in the Family via Sony Pictures Television
Archie Bunker
Jack Spalding
James T. Kirk

Question: 6/20In The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Tyler Moore was ________.

Mary Tyler Moore sitting with her friend making her laugh.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show via 20th Television.
An advertisement executive
An attorney
The producer of a TV news station

Question: 7/20In Gilligan's Island, Gilligan was __________.

The cast of Gilligan's Island gather together staring at a telephone.
Gilligan's Island via Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
The first mate
The professor
The captain

Question: 8/20Who was the host of The Twilight Zone?

Rod Sterling posing next to the logo of The Twilight Zone.
The Twilight Zone via CBS Television Distribution.
Edward R. Murrow
William Shatner
Rod Sterling

Question: 9/20Which of the following was a main cast member of The Golden Girls?

The main cast of The Golden Girls standing together for a photo shoot.
The Golden Girls via Buena Vista Television.
Diane Keaton
Betty White
Susan Sarandon

Question: 10/20Where did the TV show Bonanza take place?

The main cast of Bonanza behind a logo for the television show.
Bonanza via NBC
New Jersey

Question: 11/20The main characters in the TV show Dragnet were _______.

Two detectives stand in front of a map.
Dragnet via NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Question: 12/20The genie's love interest in I Dream of Jeannie was ________.

A man is holding a magic lamp with a genie laughing behind him.
I Dream of Jeannie via Sony Pictures Television
A lawyer
An astronaut
The President

Question: 13/20The TV show Bewitched was about __________.

The \Bewitched\ logo with a witch flying on a broomstick above it.
Bewitched via Sony Pictures Television

Question: 14/20What was the name of the middle daughter in The Brady Bunch?

The Brady Bunch logo with all eight members of the Brady family.
The Brady Bunch via CBS Television Distribution

Question: 15/20What was the name of the family in Little House on the Prairie?

The family happily stands in front of their little house on the prairie.
Little House on the Prairie via NBCUniversal Television Distribution
The Ingalls
The Murpheys
The Tortallinis

Question: 16/20Three's Company is about three ________.

The three roommates sit on the couch looking at a book.
Three's Company via Walt Disney Television
Business partners

Question: 17/20The TV show M*A*S*H took place in __________.

The cast of M*A*S*H stands in front of their logo.
M*A*S*H via 20th Television
Army bootcamp
A military hospital

Question: 18/20In Happy Days, Fonzie is known for hitting what?

The cast of Happy Days sits in a booth smiling at the camera.
Happy Days via CBS Television Distribution
A jukebox.
His car.
His motorcycle.

Question: 19/20What is the name of the son in The Jetsons?

The space age family riding in their spacecraft.
The Jetsons via Hanna-Barbera Productions
Kal-El Jetson
Archibald Jetson
Elroy Jetson

Question: 20/20Hogan's Heroes takes place during _______.

The cast of Hogan's Heroes standing together looking confused.
Hogan's Heroes via CBS Films Inc
World War Two
The 1950's
The Civil War
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