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 Mar 23, 2021
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Question: 1/18Choose one!

Commend (verb)
To praise and approve
To comment on
To drive at a fast speed

Question: 2/18Choose one!

Loathe (verb)
To be unknown to most
To feel intense hatred for
To be overwhelmed with joy

Question: 3/18Choose one!

Onomatopoeia (noun)
A formal oath
A word that is a sound
A change of direction

Question: 4/18Choose one!

Negate (verb)
To make ineffective
Growing unusually fast, usually associated with tropical plants
Having an extremely large appetite

Question: 5/18Choose one!

Lucid (adj)
A random occurrence with a happy result, a happy accident
Expressed clearly
A belief in the supernatural

Question: 6/18Choose one!

Elucidate (verb)
The punishment of being sent away to exile
The quality of having unusually bland clothing and fashion style
To explain

Question: 7/18Choose one!

Aggregate (verb)
To take several different books from the library for research
To show a high degree of skill
A whole formed by combining several elements

Question: 8/18Choose one!

Instrinsic (adj)
A salty taste
The quality of being tied in a bow

Question: 9/18Choose one!

Nomenclature (noun)
A type of rug
A popular dance
A system of names in a particular discipline

Question: 10/18Choose one!

Magnanimous (adj)
A strange shape
A type of magma

Question: 11/18Choose one!

Oscillate (verb)
To think clearly
To move back and forth
To fill with hot air

Question: 12/18Choose one!

Innuendo (noun)
A formal question
An elusive or suggestive remark
A drink poured as an offering

Question: 13/18Choose one!

Primordial (adj)
Existing at the very beginning
Brand new
The quality of being a matchmaker

Question: 14/18Choose one!

Lexicon (noun)
A dictionary or vocabulary
A timid person
A distinct odor

Question: 15/18Choose one!

Exile (verb)
To confuse someone
To banish
To turn off something electrical

Question: 16/18Choose one!

Summon (verb)
To urgently call for
To add eggs to a dish
To inspire

Question: 17/18Choose one!

Exuberant (adj)
Unusually angry
Filled with a jolly energy of excitement
Round and fluffy

Question: 18/18Choose one!

Disperse (verb)
To spread over a large area
To eat in one sitting
To add to water
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