Quiz: Can You Guess The Missing Word In These Iconic Quotes?

Can you guess the word?

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 Aug 14, 2021
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Question: 1/18Pick One:

"Will the __________ please stand up?"
Boys in this classroom
Real Slim Shady
Real Eminem

Question: 2/18Pick One:

"Are you talkin' to _____?"
Your pets again
Your ex again

Question: 3/18Pick One:

"_____, we have a problem."

Question: 4/18Pick One:

"Luke, I am _______"
Tired of this movie
Your father

Question: 5/18Pick One:

"If you build it, _________"
You can sell it on E-bay
They will come
It might just work

Question: 6/18Pick One:

"A martini. Shaken, not _______."
Just slightly
Spit in please

Question: 7/18Pick One:

"Four score and ________"
Eleven Thursdays past
Seven years ago
Nineteen years ago

Question: 8/18Pick One:

"Get busy ____ or get busy _____."
Cleaning, getting out
Living, dying
Now, finding a new job

Question: 9/18Pick One:

"________ on first."

Question: 10/18Pick One:

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do __________."
For me
For your country
To make it big

Question: 11/18Pick One:

"The love of money is ______________."
What wakes me up in the morning
What keeps me going
The root of all evil

Question: 12/18Pick One:

"Romeo, Romeo, ________ art thou, Romeo?"

Question: 13/18Pick One:

"Nice guys finish _______."
On a towel
Usually at around 5PM

Question: 14/18Pick One:

"Blood is _______ than water."

Question: 15/18Pick One:

"Curiosity killed the _____."

Question: 16/18Pick One:

"Dog's are man's _________."
Best friend
Worst enemy
Greatest triumph

Question: 17/18Pick One:

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin _______."

Question: 18/18Pick One:

"Life is what happens when you're busy _________. "
Making money
Thinking about what to eat
Making other plans
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