Can You Score Over 75% On This Impossible Tricky Trivia Quiz?

Can you do the impossible and pass this super tricky quiz?

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 Mar 14, 2021
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Question: 1/18Pick your answer!

In 1904, Japan was fighting a war against which country?

Question: 2/18Pick your answer!

The infamous Napoleon Bonaparte ___.
Never went to war against Britain.
Fought a war against the United States.
Was a French military leader and emperor

Question: 3/18Pick your answer!

Which of the following was written by author H.P. Lovecraft?
50 Shades of Grey
Harry Potter
At the Mountains of Madness

Question: 4/18Pick your answer!

Which of the following is the name of a real romance novel?
Skeleton Key 2: Story Time
Passion of the Dance
Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Question: 5/18Pick your answer!

Who is the main character of the show, Riverdale?
Dr. Zaius
Archie Andrews
Barry Allen

Question: 6/18Pick your answer!

Grey's Anatomy originally aired on what network?

Question: 7/18Pick your answer!

Which of the following famous paintings are by Pablo Picasso?
The Old Guitarist
The Potato Eaters

Question: 8/18Pick your answer!

The statue David was completed by which famous artist?
Leonardo Da Vinci
Nikola Telsa

Question: 9/18Pick your answer!

Tom Hanks starred in which of the following movies?
Apollo 12
Bridge of Spies

Question: 10/18Pick your answer!

The book Eat, Pray, Love was written by ___.
Toni Morrison
Oprah Winfrey
Elizabeth Gilbert

Question: 11/18Pick your answer!

The novel Frankenstein was written by ___.
Edgar Allan Poe
Mary Shelley
Lord Byron

Question: 12/18Pick your answer!

Whoopi Goldberg has won which of the following awards?
All of the Above

Question: 13/18Pick your answer!

Margaret Thatcher is famous for being ___.
Winning an Academy Award for Best Actress.
Writing a best-selling novel.
The first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Question: 14/18Pick your answer!

Complete the following sentence: ___ in ___ house.
They're, their
They're, there
Their, they're

Question: 15/18Pick your answer!

Which of the following is NOT a vegetable?

Question: 16/18Pick your answer!

Which of these countries are NOT on the Mediterranean Sea?

Question: 17/18Pick your answer!

James Cameron did NOT direct which of the following movies?
The Terminator

Question: 18/18Pick your answer!

The Notebook is based on a novel written by ___.
Nicholas Parks
Jane Austen
Lisa Kudrow
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