Only Someone Who Watches The Crown Can Ace This Royal Family Quiz. Can You?

Can you ace this royal family quiz?

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 Sep 02, 2021
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Question: 1/18Pick One:

What is Queen Elizabeth's late husband's first name?

Question: 2/18Pick One:

Who was the first British royal to have their wedding broadcast on television?
Prince Harry
Queen Elizabeth
Princess Margaret

Question: 3/18Pick One:

Elizabeth became the Queen of England in the ________.

Question: 4/18Pick One:

What country is Queen Elizabeth's husband Philip from?

Question: 5/18Pick One:

Which royal made up the last name Windsor to replace their original last name for sounding too German?
Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth
King George V

Question: 6/18Pick One:

What is the name of Queen Elizabeth's uncle who abdicated the throne to marry an actress?

Question: 7/18Pick One:

After abdicating the throne, who did Queen Elizabeth's uncle Edward team up with to plot his return to power?
Nazi Germany
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Irish Republican Army

Question: 8/18Pick One:

Queen Elizabeth's reign began shortly before the Suez Crisis. Where did the Suez Crisis take place?
Puerto Rico

Question: 9/18Pick One:

Prince Andrew claimed the accusations from Jeffrey Epstein's victim Virginia Giuffre were false because he ___________ .
Had a rare disease which stopped him from being able to sweat that year
Wasn't attracted to children
Was married and always faithful

Question: 10/18Pick One:

Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip said he'd like to be reincarnated as ___.
A deadly virus
A bear
A lion

Question: 11/18Pick One:

Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein controversially attended which British royal's 18th birthday party?
Queen Elizabeth
Prince Harry
Princess Beatrice

Question: 12/18True or False

Queen Elizabeth is Britain's longest reigning monarch.

Question: 13/18Pick One:

Kate Middleton is married to ________.
Prince Charles
Prince Andrew
Prince William

Question: 14/18Pick One:

What is Prince Harry's wife's maiden name?
Julia Dreyfus
Ashley Rosanne Markle
Rachel Meghan Markle

Question: 15/18True or False:

Before her death, Princess Diana wrote a letter stating the Royal Family was trying to kill her because of her divorce to Prince Charles.

Question: 16/18Pick One:

In an interview with _____, Meghan Markle reviewed the racist comments she suffered from the Royal family.
Anderson Cooper

Question: 17/18Pick One:

Queen Elizabeth's father famously suffered from a pronounced _______.

Question: 18/18Pick One:

Who was Queen Elizabeth's first born child?
Prince Andrew
Prince Charles
Prince Harry
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