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 Apr 14, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick the correct answer!

What chemical was used during the Vietnam War?
Agent Pink
Agent Yellow
Agent Orange

Question: 2/18Pick the correct answer!

What was the main reason for the spread of the Black Plague?

Question: 3/18Pick the correct answer!

Which is the most recent pope to be put into sainthood?
John Paul the Second
Urban the Thirteenth
Benedict the Second

Question: 4/18Pick the correct answer!

In which theatre were Shakespeare's plays performed?
Globe Theatre
Chamberlain Theatre
Stratford Theatre

Question: 5/18Pick the correct answer!

Which country gained independence in 1951?
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Question: 6/18Pick the correct answer!

Which dynasty was the last to rule before the Republic of China?

Question: 7/18Pick the correct answer!

What was Thomas Edison’s most famous invention?
Cotton gin

Question: 8/18Pick the correct answer!

How many U.S. presidents have been assassinated while in office?

Question: 9/18Pick the correct answer!

In what year did the Apollo II crew land on the moon?

Question: 10/18Pick the correct answer!

In which continent did the Renaissance occur?
South America

Question: 11/18Pick the correct answer!

What year did Germany invade Poland?

Question: 12/18Pick the correct answer!

When did the Boston Tea Party occur?

Question: 13/18Pick the correct answer!

What U.S. president was brought into office during a time of war?
James K. Polk
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman

Question: 14/18Pick the correct answer!

Which English king was known for beheading his ex-wives?
Henry the Eighth
William the Second
Alexander the Great

Question: 15/18Pick the correct answer!

Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination led to which event?
Vietnam War
World War II
World War I

Question: 16/18Pick the correct answer!

In what year did Wall Street crash and cause the Great Depression?

Question: 17/18Pick the correct answer!

Which amendment granted voting rights to women in 1920?

Question: 18/18Pick the correct answer!

Which Queen was famously known for saying, "let them eat cake"?
Queen Victoria
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