Quiz: A True Arizona Local Should Be Able To Score 100% On This. Can You?

Caution: This AZ quiz isn't EZ.

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 Mar 08, 2020
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Question: 1/20Pick your answer!

Arizona has a unique state flower. What is it?
The Saguaro Cactus Blossom
The Red Clover
The Flowering Dogwood

Question: 2/20Pick your answer!

Hell yeah, Arizonans can brag about having ______ National Park in their state! People even come from all over the WORLD to see.
Grand Canyon

Question: 3/20Pick your answer!

Yum, I'm really craving that spicy soup... that's made with hominy, those large corn kernels. What's it called again?
Red chile stew

Question: 4/20Pick your answer!

Okay Arizonans, if you can just pass your first driver's test, you're set all the way until you're ____!

Question: 5/20Pick your answer!

Every July, which of these cities hosts an annual sidewalk egg-frying competition, made possible by blistering temperatures?

Question: 6/20Pick your answer!

But if you're looking for the town where a famous shoot-out happened (there's an even a movie about it!), then you'll need to head for:

Question: 7/20True or False?

Arizona actually is one of the few states that does NOT partake in Daylight Savings Time.
False, why wouldn't we?
True, we like to do things our own way!

Question: 8/20Pick your answer!

Seriously, Arizona likes to do it's own thing. The state fish cannot be found *anywhere* else in the world. What is it?
The Apache Trout
The Bluegill
The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

Question: 9/20Pick your answer!

You guys love your chile-flavored, bacon wrapped hot dogs around here. What name do you have for them?
Sonoran hot dog
Chile Dog
Salsa Dog

Question: 10/20Pick your answer!

Where did this rainstorm even come from? It was all dusty just a minute ago!
That's a spring shower, don't you know?
That's a microburst, don't you know?
That's a hurricane, don't you know?

Question: 11/20Pick your answer!

Which Arizona city is known for its energy vortexes? Many people also consider it to be a highly spiritual place.

Question: 12/20Pick your answer!

You've seriously never had a ________ before?! It's a delicious dish made of masa or dough, steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf and filled with meat or veggies. My mouth is watering talking about it!

Question: 13/20Pick your answer!

Camelback might make out-of-staters think of an outdoor apparel brand, but AZ locals think of:
A mountain!
An amphitheater!
A school mascot!

Question: 14/20Pick your answer!

Yes, the ______ River actually works it's way through Arizona too!

Question: 15/20Pick your answer!

A giant dust storm coming? Oh no! You're talking about a _______!
Dirt Bowl

Question: 16/20Pick your answer!

Sure, ______ are a huge stereotype of "western style," but you've definitely seen men wear them! It adds a nice accent to an outfit.
Leather chaps
Bolo ties
Red bandanas

Question: 17/20Pick your answer!

If you've left your shoes outside, be sure to check them before you slide your foot in. Otherwise you might just get stung by which of these critters?
An ant
A wasp
A scorpion

Question: 18/20Pick your answer!

Everyone thinks Arizona's all hot, hotter and hottest. But, _______ Arizonans could tell you all about snow and high elevation.

Question: 19/20Pick your answer!

No one wants to hear you tell them: "Oh, it's okay. It's just a _____ heat." YOU CAN FRY AN EGG ON THE SIDEWALK!

Question: 20/20Pick your answer!

Even if some parts of the state get crowded with tourists and _______ at times, you can't really blame them. You'd want to visit this amazing state too, if you didn't already live in it!
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