Chicago Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

Are you from the streets of the Windy City?

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 Jun 25, 2020
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Question: 1/18Pick your answer!

If you're driving down "LSD" what do you have a view of?
Lake Michigan
Lake Erie
Lake Superior

Question: 2/18Pick your answer!

What does "the L" refer to?
The long way to drive downtown
The elevated public transit trains
The shore of Lake Michigan

Question: 3/18Pick your answer!

If you're "flying the W" what just happened?
You caught a flight
Cubbies won!
You're running late

Question: 4/18Pick your answer!

"Addison." What's it mean?
It's just a woman's name
The red line stop you get off at for Millennium Park
The red line stop you get off at for Wrigley Field

Question: 5/18Pick your answer!

The "Lovable Losers" refers to which Chicago team?
The Cubs
The Blackhawks
The Bears

Question: 6/18Pick your answer!

Which ingredient would you NEVER find on a "Chicago Dog?"
Dill Pickle

Question: 7/18Pick your answer!

What is "the Loop?"
Downtown Chicago
A roller coaster
A restaurant

Question: 8/18Pick your answer!

What does "da" mean?
It means "duh," duh!
The, but with a Chicago accent... Da Bears!
It's another word for dad

Question: 9/18Pick your answer!

You know that at "Portillo's" you can get some seriously good _______.
Hot dogs and fries
Deep dish pizza
Pasta salad

Question: 10/18Pick your answer!

Why is a certain area of Rush Street called "the Viagra Triangle?"
No one knows how it got this name
There is a Viagra store
Affluent men hang out here with younger ladies

Question: 11/18Pick your answer!

What would you call soda?
A fizz

Question: 12/18Pick your answer!

What's "the Drake?"
A stop on the L
An iconic hotel close to Oak Street Beach
A mall way on the west side

Question: 13/18Pick your answer!

If you're running to the store real quick, you're probably headed to:
Jewel Osco

Question: 14/18Pick your answer!

If a tourist asks how to get to "the Bean," you need to tell them how to get to:
River North
Millenium Park
Old Town

Question: 15/18Pick your answer!

What is a "grachki?"
A type of car
An insulting name
Garage key

Question: 16/18Pick your answer!

In the summer, you definitely go to The Taste of Chicago, but you call it ___.
The Taste
Food Bonanza

Question: 17/18Pick your answer!

"Deep Dish." What's it mean?
Some really good gossip
Literally, a dish that is deep
The only way to eat pizza, of course

Question: 18/18Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Chicago?
The Windy City
The Little Apple
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