Quiz: Only A True "Beauty And The Beast" Fan Can Get 16/16 On This Quiz

A tale as old as time...

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 Jan 20, 2021
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Question: 1/16Pick your answer!

What type of flower does the enchantress give the Beast?

Question: 2/16Pick your answer!

How many children does Gaston want he and Belle to have?
6 or 7 strapping boys
2 boys and a sweet girl

Question: 3/16Pick your answer!

What did the enchantress disguise herself as?
A baker
An old beggar woman
A government official

Question: 4/16Pick your answer!

Why do the townsfolk think Belle is odd?
She doesn't know how to knit
She speaks two languages
She reads books

Question: 5/16Pick your answer!

What is Belle's father's name?

Question: 6/16Pick your answer!

What invention does Belle's father want to show at the fair?
A wood-chopping machine
An electric paintbrush
An automatic light

Question: 7/16Pick your answer!

What does Gaston do for a living?
He is the local librarian
He's a hunter
He owns a bakery

Question: 8/16Pick your answer!

What country is "Beauty and the Beast" set in?
The United States

Question: 9/16Pick your answer!

What magical object allows the Beast to see events outside of the castle?
A vase
A door
A mirror

Question: 10/16Complete the lyrics:

"There goes the baker with his tray, like always The same old bread and rolls to sell Every morning___________."
it's so lame
every day
just the same

Question: 11/16Pick your answer!

What is the name of the human-turned-candelabra?

Question: 12/16Pick your answer!

Which wing of the castle is Belle forbidden to go to?
The West Wing
The East Wing
The South Wing

Question: 13/16Pick your answer!

What does the Beast save Belle from when she runs away from the castle?
A wild horse
A pack of wolves

Question: 14/16Pick your answer!

What song is sung during the elaborate dinner sequence?
"Be Our Guest"
"Beauty and the Beast"

Question: 15/16Pick your answer!

Who helps Belle and her father escape the cellar Gaston locks them in?

Question: 16/16Pick your answer!

What happens to Gaston after the final battle?
He dies
He becomes a servant
He moves to America
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